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Abraham & Roetzel LLC

A Full Service Government Affairs Firm Abraham & Roetzel is a bipartisan government affairs and issue management firm offering a comprehensive range of services to clients. We offer our clients the experience, insight and expertise from having served as policymakers and political advisors at all levels of government. Our firm principals include a former Cabinet Member, U.S. Senator, top officials to Members of Congress and at federal government agencies. Our policy expertise is also complemented by our political skills with many years of experience running federal and state campaigns. Energy and natural resource issues are critical to the economy on both the national and state levels. During his four years as Secretary of Energy, Secretary Abraham was widely respected for his expertise and steady leadership during times of crisis, including the California and Northeast U.S. blackouts as well as a liaison with OPEC leaders during the lead up to the war in Iraq. In addition, shale gas development in Ohio and nearby states has tremendous potential to transform local and state economies but is also increasingly raising environmental concerns and opposition. We have the experience and expertise on these complex energy and natural resource issues as well as strong relationships with key policymakers to assist our clients

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