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Bio Clean Energy Brazil, S.A.

Bio Clean Energy Brazil is a Brazilian government-authorized producer of high-quality biodiesel, and currently has one fully-licensed and operational plant, with secured key approvals for production and commercialization of biodiesel, which allows for participation in ANP biodiesel auctions (approvals that are usually obtained after a rigorous and time consuming process conducted by ANP that are increasingly difficult to obtain) located in the state of São Paulo. The Company’s operating plant has an authorized production capacity of 70mn liters of biofuel per year, with potential to expand capacity to 300mn liters using the same area, with. The plant was built on a 30,000 m² land plot (owned by the company), strategically located at 200km from key consumer markets and with an easy logistic route. The plant was built according to international standards and differentiates itself among others in Brazil by its quality and infrastructure investment.

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John Kaweske | President |
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