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AGA Biodiesel

1) GLYCERIN FINAL DESTINATION. The cost of each service varies with Country, the complexity of each process and the appointed time for each service of its product. Glycerin used in animal food (USD$ 4625,85) 

INDUSTRY PLANT DESIGN, SIMULATION PROCESS. A) OUR SERVICES: OUR BUSINESS 1) We are specialized in the Industry Plant Design (Service cost: USD$ 8448,35 around £ 7350,05) 2) The simulation of its associated process, simulation of the whole process ($USD 11264,4332 around £ 9800.05) B) Our Warranty: BP, Shell, Chevron, Hitachi, Nasa, Bridgestone, LG Chem, Petrobras, Abbott Laboratories, Halliburton, Mitsuba, Toyota and many more. use our same software and statistical tools. +556299381974Whats app

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Iacobi Boanerges | CEO - President |
P: 556299381974