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CF Technologies, Inc.

Jessica Sweeney | Vice President
P: 617-364-2500

CF Tech converts brown grease into biodiesel for decentralized locations with modular systems. CF Tech will study your waste grease and develop the optimum process conditions for clean and green co . . read more

Krugler Engineering Group, Inc.

Arthur Krugler | President
P: 530-446-6661

Technology development; Offering to Plant Operators and Investors. Recent development of a patentable, continuous process with near instant conversion from seed oils to biodiesel & glycerin, in a sma . . read more

KuKK K+F, Ltd.

Andras Kovacs |
P: 36302114101

R&D and consultation to retrofit 1st gen technologies to higher gen, to operate on refuse feedstocks - brown grease, category 1 slaughterhouse fat, etc. at SME scale for better efficiency, high . . read more

The ProExporter Network

Ryan Ruikka | Biofuels Energy Analyst
P: 734-330-1961

The ProExporter Network® (PRX) integrates the geography of American biomass supply with the locus of world food and feed demand, as affected by ever-changing world economic growth, exchange rates, en . . read more