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Exacta Chemical Co.

Warren Preston | President
P: 336-889-3095 | F: 336-889-3093

Buyers of distillation residues as well as crude and refined glycerin. Exacta Chemical has more than 25 years experience creating innovative matches for producers and industrial consumers!

Express Grain Terminals, LLC

David Lavender | Vice President & General Manager
P: 662-897-4348 | F: 662-453-0899

Express Grain Terminals, LLC was founded in 2007, operating in the Grain Origination sector of the Agricultural industry, with 100 car train loading capability on the CN Railway. A Cottonseed Proce . . read more

FID Chemicals (division of Future International Diversified, Inc.)

Zack Monahoyios | President
P: 800-565-7627 | F: 450-621-0503

Every company in a thriving global bio-economy must contribute to sustainability.Whether producing biodiesel or bioethanol, your other co-products can add revenues to your bottom line. We have clie . . read more

Glycerin Traders, LLC

Dennis Zeedyk | President
P: 219-369-1066

Glycerin Traders is located in LaPorte, IN, focusing on the trading of in-spec & out-of-spec biodiesel, vegetable & animal fat (for biodiesel plants and other uses), various grades of glyce . . read more

IP Specialities

Matt Schneider | Commercial Manager
P: 513-257-0831

IP Specialities is a global oleochemical trading company focused on meeting our customers’ toughest challenges. With offices in Cincinnati, Hamburg and Singapore, and a team with unmatched industry . . read more