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Express Grain Terminals, LLC

David Lavender | Vice President & General Manager
P: 662-897-4348 | F: 662-453-0899

Express Grain Terminals, LLC was founded in 2007, operating in the Grain Origination sector of the Agricultural industry, with 100 car train loading capability on the CN Railway. A Cottonseed Proce . . read more

Pacific Biodiesel

Jenna Long | Director of Operations
P: 808-877-3144

Founded in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is the nation's longest operating and most experienced biodiesel producer. The Maui-based company remains an innovative leader in the renewable energy industry. I . . read more

Ag Processing, Inc.

Courtney Lawrenson | Senior Director of Renewable Fuels
P: 402-431-5056

Biodiesel producer with 3 plant locations - Sergeant Bluff, IA, Saint Joseph, MO, Algona, IA

Atlantic Biodiesel Corporation

Matt Bacon | Manager of Order Fulfillment & Process Management
P: 905-321-3602

Atlantic Biodiesel is a state-of-the-art renewable fuel facility located in the Niagara Greenbelt of Canada. We are strategically located a short distance from the New York border and the Greater T . . read more

BSBIOS Indústria e Comércio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil SA

Erasmo Battistella | CEO
P: 555421037111

BSBIOS is the largest biodiesel producer in Brazil.

Cincinnati Renewable Fuels, LLC

Randall Besecker | Advanced Senior Trader of Renewable Fuels
P: 419-421-4692

This facility is a 60 mgpy biodiesel plant using distillation to produce the highest quality, clear, water-white biodiesel in North America. Our facility is able to ship truck & rail (both CSXT . . read more

Community Fuels

Lisa Mortenson | CEO
P: 760-942-9306

BQ 9000 producer, laboratory and marketer with robust operations and terminal capabilities at the Port of Stockton, California.

Consolidated Biofuels, Ltd.

Dan Treleaven | President
P: 604-946-7626 | F: 604-946-9609

Producers of biodiesel and green chemistries via Meadow Polymers

Down to Earth Energy

Rick Huszagh | Manager
P: 678-522-6560

Biodiesel Production & Used Cooking Oil Collection

Eco Green Fuels Pvt., Ltd.

Julesh Bantia | Founder & CEO
P: 919886082899

Largest manufacturer of biodiesel from locally sourced Used Cooking Oil in India.

ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd.

HL Chin | Business Development Manager
P: 6052014192

ExcelVite is one of the main biodiesel suppliers in Malaysia. ExcelVite has a full-fledge biodiesel laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025-Accredited) at our facility. We produce our methyl ester to oleochemica . . read more

FutureFuel Chemical Company

Richard Sparks | Biodiesel Customer Account Manager
P: 870-307-5966 | F: 870-698-3095

BQ-9000 Biodiesel Producer

Green Energy Biofuel

BioJoe Renwick | Co-Owner/Process Engineer
P: 803-718-6323

Green Energy Biofuel has become a used cooking oil purification machine backed with over ten years of experience in the industry. Since 2016, we have expanded to three locations between SC and TN. . . read more

ICC Group

Bryan Imber | President
P: 778-351-0476 | F: 778-351-0444

ICC Group was incorporated in 2002. We have three core areas of expertise , Waste to compost, waste to energy and Gas to liquids.We are currently working on the delivery of two waste to power facil . . read more

Louis Dreyfus Company, LLC

Bruce Chapin | Vice President/Director of Operations
P: 816-218-2370

Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, leveraging its global reach and extensive asset network to deliver for its customers around the world - safely, resp . . read more

Louis Dreyfus Company, LLC

Len Federico | Commercial Manager of Biodiesel
P: 203-761-2031

Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, leveraging its global reach and extensive asset network to deliver for its customers around the world - safely, resp . . read more

Loyola University Chicago

Zach Waickman | Biodiesel Lab Manager
P: 773-508-8852

The Searle Biodiesel Program at Loyola University Chicago focuses on production, research, and outreach efforts centered on utilizing waste products to create energy. Our products are designed to u . . read more

Reco Biodiesel, LLC

Mike Schleinkofer | President
P: 804-644-2800

Biodiesel Producer

Thumb BioEnergy, LLC

Leon Jackson | Owner/CEO
P: 810-404-2464

Biodiesel Producer, Used Cooking Oil Collector

Vance Bioenergy Sdn. Bhd.

Benedict Tay | Senior Sales & Trading Executive
P: 06563378303 | F: 06563378177

Vance Bioenergy is a well-established biodiesel producer based in Malaysia. We have been established since 2005 and we are a pioneer in the production of palm methyl ester. We are also Malaysia's l . . read more

Walsh Bio Fuels

Dave Walsh | Manager
P: 608-847-6869

Biodiesel producer