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Pacific Biodiesel

Jenna Long | Director of Operations
P: 808-877-3144

Founded in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is the nation’s oldest biodiesel producer. This Maui-based company established the first retail biodiesel pump in America and remains an innovative leader i . . read more

American Biodiesel Energy, Inc.

Chase Akerly | CEO
P: 814-899-0621

Newly renovated enzymatic process utilizing high FFA feedstock to produce high quality biodiesel fuel.

Atlantic Biodiesel Corporation

Kourtney Snow | Administration
P: 647-483-4061

Atlantic Biodiesel is a state-of-the-art renewable fuel facility located in the Niagara Greenbelt of Canada. We are strategically located a short distance from the New York border and the Greater Toro . . read more

Big Island Biodiesel

Beth Mathias | Director of Sales & Marketing
P: 808-877-3144

Pacific Biodiesel's newest biodiesel facility, Big Island Biodiesel, is our most technologically advanced plant to date. Achieving zero waste, this optimum plant has been engineered for multi-feeds . . read more

Canada Biodiesel, Inc.

Numan Hussein | Director
P: 503-473-3688

Biodiesel producer

Chant Oil Co., Ltd.

Mingjui Wang | General Manager
P: 886932048943

Chant Oil Co., Ltd. is No.1 Biodiesel company in Taiwan. Offers EN & ASTM standard distillate biodiesel.

Cincinnati Renewable Fuels, LLC

Randall Besecker | Senior Trader
P: 513-482-6791

Cincinnati Renewable Fuels LLC is located at 4700 Este Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45232. This facilty is a 60 mgpy biodiesel plant using distillation to produce the highest quality, clear, water-white . . read more

Community Fuels

Lisa Mortenson | CEO
P: 760-942-9306 | F: 760-943-6696

Biodiesel and glycerin production and biodiesel terminal

ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd.

WH Leong | CEO
P: 006052014192

Incorporated in Malaysia in 2013, ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd. is one of the main biodiesel companies of Malaysia. ExcelVite has a full-fledge biodiesel laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025-Accredited) at our facility . . read more

Gold Coast Refining, LLC

Mark Mauss | General Manager
P: 423-702-4412 | F: 423-702-4413

GCR is a biodiesel, specialty chemical and nutraceutical feed producer.

Green Energy Biofuel

BioJoe Renwick | Co-Owner/Process Engineer
P: 803-718-6323

Green Energy Biofuel, formerly Midlands Biofuels, has expanded operations into TN through a company acquisition and has partnered with 4 other Biodiesel companies to form a Southeastern cooking oil co . . read more

Green Oil, Inc.

Adrian Lee | Vice President
P: 416-633-8846 | F: 416-633-8842

WVO collecting and feedstock

Hero BX

Dr. Hiram Santisteban | Marketing Director
P: 814-528-9038

HERO BX is the largest Biodiesel production facility east of the Mississippi and one of the top 10 in the nation.

Louis Dreyfus Agricultural Industries

Doug Lopshire | Operations Manager
P: 888-381-0760 | F: 574-566-2107

Our Group plays a vital role helping people around the world meet every day needs for sustenance. We are a global merchandizer of commodities and processor of agricultural goods, operating a signif . . read more

Loyola University Chicago

Zach Waickman | Biodiesel Lab Manager
P: 773-508-8852

The Searle Biodiesel Program at Loyola University Chicago focuses on production, research, and outreach efforts centered on utilizing waste products to create energy. Our products are designed to u . . read more

Meridional TCS Oleochemicals

Leonardo Gardemann | CEO
P: 554333151200

Meridional TCS (MTCS) is a multi-national company that produces and distributes oleochemical products for various markets ranging from food to industrial and biofuel markets. We are headquartered in L . . read more

QS Biodiesel Limited

Andras Kovacs |
P: 02031707627

QS Biodiesel Limited (QSB) is a biofuel technology company which has developed a more efficient, lower cost biodiesel production process applicable to: the new build of 2nd generation; and the retr . . read more

Quantum Oils & Bio Energy, Ltd.

Kakoma Mutenda | Managing Director
P: 260977423549

Quantum Oils & Bio Energy is an African based biodiesel producer. We process biodiesel fuel from a variety of oily waste streams from various industries. We utilize enzymatic esterification to turn lo . . read more

Reco Biodiesel, LLC

Mike Schleinkofer | President
P: 804-644-2800 | F: 804-644-1335

Biodiesel Producer

Renewable Energy Group

Troy Shoen | Senior Manager, Marketing
P: 515-239-8166

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) is a leading North American advanced biofuels producer and developer of renewable chemicals. REG utilizes a nationwide production, distribution and logistics syst . . read more

Rothsay Biodiesel

Greg Drennan | Biodiesel Sales Manager
P: 519-780-3341

In 2005, Rothsay Biodiesel, located outside of Montreal was commissioned as Canada’s first commercial-scale biodiesel plant with a rated capacity of 35 million litres per year. By 2008, the f . . read more

Sabine Biofuels II, LLC

Chris Frantz | CFO
P: 832-446-6004 | F: 832-446-6006

Biodiesel Producer

Spectro Scientific, Inc.

Lisa LaRusso | Sales Manager
P: 978-513-0940

Spectro Scientific is one of the largest suppliers of oil, fuel and fluid analysis instruments to industry and the military worldwide. The InfraCal 2 Biodiesel Blend Analyzer for measuring percent bio . . read more

Thumb BioEnergy, LLC

Leon Jackson | Owner/CEO
P: 810-404-2466

Biodiesel Producer  

Ultrasonic Power Corporation

Lisa Serafini | Sales & Marketing
P: 815-235-6059 | F: 815-235-6059

Since 1972, Ultrasonic Power Corporation has provided ultrasonic equipment for thousands of diverse applications. We have the experience and equipment you can depend on to help you take your projec . . read more

Walsh Bio Fuels

Dave Walsh | Member
P: 608-847-6869

Bio Diesel Producer

World Energy

Gene Gebolys | President
P: 617-889-7300

Boston based World Energy ( has been a leading supplier of advanced biofuels for two decades. Operating some 220 million gallons (660,000 metric tons) of biodiesel manufacturing . . read more