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Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc.

Leo Verruso | General Manager
P: 978-258-8360 | F: 978-258-8354

Advanced Fuel Solutions (AFS) develops, brands, and markets performance-enhancing fuel additives for wholesalers, dealers, jobbers, and fleets representing virtually every market segment—incl . . read more

Amalgamated, Inc.

Gary Pipenger | Owner
P: 260-489-2549 | F: 260-489-9834

Custom blender of diesel fuel additives, including biodiesel blends) formulated to improve MPG, BTU, cold flow properties, stability and more. Amalgamated, Inc's fuel additives enhance fuel perform . . read more

BioFuran Materials, LLC

Chengy Gwengo | Principal Scientist

BioFuran Materials is a supplier of short chain carboxylate salts, esters, and ionic liquids. We support the needs of the scientific research community, providing common and customized short chain car . . read more

Fuel Quality Services, Inc.

Margaret Umoren-Clark | Customer Support & Sales
P: 770-967-9790 | F: 770-967-9982

Established in 1984, Fuel Quality Services, Inc. (FQS) is a Veteran Owned Company as well as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. FQS is recognized globally for providing cost effective additives, f . . read more

GlobalTech Fluids, LLC

Oscar Domingo | Manager
P: 407-412-2186

GlobalTech Fluids, LLC, is a U.S. company established to develop new technologies using biodiesel glycerin, with registered patents for antifreeze coolants and lubricant additives. The company&rsqu . . read more

MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc.

Everett Osgood | Director of Fuel Additives
P: 913-390-5556

MCC provides a full range of full additives, from gasoline detergents and cold flow additives to specialty products, such as jet fuel icing inhibitor. Our responsive and cost-effective fuel additiv . . read more