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Dsol/Dallas Group

Stephen Sullivan | Director of North American Industrial Sales
P: 502-644-0371

D-SOL® was the first adsorbent introduced into the biodiesel market and the original Dry Wash™ agent. D-SOL® products efficiently improve feedstock quality to enhance efficiency and p . . read more

EP Minerals

Julie Brown | Director of Marketing Communications
P: 775-824-7624 | F: 775-824-7694

EP Minerals and EP Engineered Clays Corporation are worldwide leaders in diatomaceous earth (DE), clay, bleaching clays, and perlite. These unique minerals are used as filter aids, absorbents and f . . read more

MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc.

Everett Osgood | Market Manager of Fuel Additives
P: 913-390-5556 | F: 913-254-1434

Our exceptional products, innovative programs and specialized services reduce the cost of operations and improve profitability for our customers.

Praxair, Inc.

Walter Renz | Associate Director of Business Development
P: 203-837-2378

Praxair is a Fortune 300 company and offers a full compliment of industrial and process gases including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen , carbon dioxide, and specialty gases. The product quantities rang . . read more