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Air Liquide Engineering & Construction (ex. Lurgi)

Etienne Sturm | Director of Business Development
P: 713-624-8970

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction leads the oleochemical market through its portfolio of Lurgi technologies: Lurgi extractor, oil refining, biodiesel, glycerin distillation, fatty acids, f . . read more


Mark Yancey | Vice President of Project Development
P: 866-746-8385 | F: 701-746-5367

D3MAX is a technology company formed by BBI International to license our patented cellulosic ethanol technology to dry mill ethanol plants in the US. Our cutting edge technology converts corn fiber . . read more

Knack Process Design

Tim Maneely | President
P: 651-278-1206

Knack Process Design provides process engineering services to the biodiesel, vegetable oil refining and oleochemical industries. Our services include process simulation, heat and mass balances, equ . . read more

Saola Energy, LLC

Adam Belyamani | Chief Operating Officer
P: 316-413-3345 | F: 316-413-3346

Soala Energy is a Technology and Service company that partners with its clients to increase capacity, increase efficiency and add value to product streams. Our unique approach to project execution . . read more

AT Agrar-Technik Int. GmbH

Moritz Gaede | Managing Partner
P: 497127939422 | F: 497127949435

AT Agrar-Technik Int. GmbH supplies engineering (basic and detail engineering), equipment and mechanical and electrical installation work including PCS. In its dual role as process supplier and pla . . read more

Energia Tech s.r.o., The Biodiesel Technology Consultants

Kurt C. Holecek | Managing Partner & Head Consultant
P: 436506165108

With 18 years experience in biodiesel production we have come to appreciate the simple & robust before any high-tech, complex and troublesome solutions, wherever possible. Our first criterion is pr . . read more

Sunho Biodiesel Corporation

Ann Chan | Technical Assistant
P: 886225632720 | F: 886225431603

We provide a commercial turnkey technology for enzymatic biodiesel production and other lipase-based technologies. More than 30 years of experience. Dedicated to long-term sustainable technologies . . read more

TEGA Consultants, Inc.

Cesar Augusto Colmenares | Consultant/Senior Process Engineer/Owner
P: 514-862-3127

TEGA Consultants Inc. offers services in following industries: Oil & Gas: chemical, petrochemical, gas processing and refining Biofuels : advanced biofuels, catalytic biodiesel production, transes . . read more