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BDI-BioEnergy International AG

Lisa Florian |
P: 00433164009113

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH is expert in constructing tailor-made multi-feedstock BioDiesel plants.

BioDieselThe self-developed multi-feedstock process enables the processing of variou . . read more

Desmet Ballestra North America, Inc.

Blake Hendrix | President & CEO
P: 770-693-0061 | F: 770-693-0071

Desmet Ballestra are world leaders in supplying process systems for extraction of oils & fats, conversion of oils & fats into various edible products (salad oil, cooking oil, baking fats, e . . read more

Deasyl SA

Thiel Julien | CEO
P: 004122225192692

Deasyl is an international supplier of technologies and catalysts for petrochemical industry. During the technology transfer, we assist and advise our customers, stakeholders and future actors in the . . read more

Energia Tech s.r.o., The Efficiency People

Kurt C. Holecek | Managing Partner
P: 436506165108

Call us, write, whatever your BD processing challenge might be.Some problems can be solved online also.. why not.Any size, any technology.19 years in the industry. Experience as designer, consultan . . read more

Paula Moon & Associates

Paula Moon | Chief Financial Officer
P: 506-716-5257

Paula Moon & Associates is interested on researching, developing and commercializing an engine that would perform at optimal conditions with biodiesel derived African Palm. Future activities in . . read more