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CMM Ingenieria

Carlos Maria Munoz | Director
P: 00541146642694

Manufacturing modular plants for biodiesel making with high temperature reaction, up to 4000 L/day each.

Kuai Energy, LLC

Raul Arrondo | Director
P: 954-608-1786

Supplier of Modular Biodiesel Production Systems, along with cogeneration or electrical power generation systems. Waste to Energy systems.

Plant Process Equipment, Inc.

Ken Reynaud | Sr. Vice President
P: 281-333-7702 | F: 281-333-7703

Plant Process is a fully integrated Design, Engineering and Modular Fabrication company with 42+ years experience supplying equipment and complete plants to the renewable fuels industry.

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Wintek Corporation

Michael Cicalese | President
P: 973-252-8200 | F: 973-252-8233

Flash Vacuum Extraction to meet ASTM requirements*MRU Methanol Recovery Units- Extraction/Recovery*BDU Biodiesel Dehydration Units

Molecular Sieve Dehydration Units- MSDU removes water from . . read more