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P: 855-446-2499
F: 484-325-2961

Mailing Address:
284 Three Tun Road
Malvern, PA 19355

Company Contact:
Bob Braun
Director of Sales

WORKMASTER is a manufacturer of bulk material handling tools to help safely and efficiently unload, transport, store and process bulk solids from hopper bottom railcars, bulk trailers, bins, silos and chutes. To help Customers gain maximum benefit from our tools and equipment, we also supply a complete line of operating, mounting, and maintenance products, such as Timers and Motor Controls, Vibrator Mounts, and Lubricating Oils that keep your unloading site tools running longer and more efficiently. WORKMASTER products help Customers work more safely and efficiently, increase the lifespan of equipment, and decrease operating and maintenance costs of tools and equipment used in some of Industry’s most dangerous, difficult, and dirty jobs.