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Energia Tech s.r.o., The Biodiesel Technology Consultants

P: 436506165108

Mailing Address:
Hartaeckerstr. 19, Top 5

Company Contact:
Kurt C. Holecek
Managing Partner & Head Consultant

With 18 years experience in biodiesel production we have come to appreciate the simple & robust before any high-tech, complex and troublesome solutions, wherever possible. Our first criterion is profitability, even more so when optimizing existing plants. •Improving overall yield (quality fuel from crude feed) towards 100%. •Broadening the input FFA range (Our standard design is already max15%) •Reducing purification load by improved conversion kinetics •Reducing Mono and Diglyceride •Optimizing for low op-ex and costs •Stable production from 2nd generation feed stocks without trade off. State of the art, scalable, continuous process, thorough safety. Automated operation for industry or reduced cap-ex version for smaller operators.