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BASF Corporation-Care Chemicals

P: 973-245-6375

Mailing Address:
100 Park Avenue
Florham Park, NJ 07932

Company Contact:
Benjamin Plantz
New Business Development Specialist

BASF markets Lutropur® MSA, methanesulfonic acid, for the biodiesel industry. Lutropur MSA, the purest MSA product available on the market, can be used in acid esterification (FFA reduction), degumming of feedstocks, and the neutralization of crude biodiesel and glycerin. MSA has advantages over commonly used acids such as sulfuric and pTSA, including lower corrosion and faster phase separation. BASF also offers a 94% active version, Lutropur MSA-XP, and a low-corrosion version, Lutropur MSA-SP. Lutropur MSA-XP can provide an increase in FFA conversion to biodiesel in a shorter time.