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Automation Products, Inc.-DYNATROL® Division

P: 713-869-0361
F: 713-869-7332

Mailing Address:
3030 Maxroy Street
Houston, TX 77008

Company Contact:
Steve Sawyer
Technical Applications Manager

For over 60 years Automation Products, Inc. has continued to develop and manufacture Dynatrol® process instruments & controls for density, specific gravity, API gravity of liquids and slurries. Bio-Refineries, producing ethanol from corn, have utilized the Dynatrol® Density Cell primarily for measuring density of the mash. It provides continuous measurement in-line or in vessels at process conditions with immediate and continuous response. The Dynatrol® Density System consists of two components, a density cell and a digital converter. It achieves exceptional accuracy, meeting broad temperature and pressure ratings. The converter increases speed and accuracy, has simple operation and arrives ready to use on your application.