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Hydrasep, Inc.

P: 662-429-4088
F: 662-429-5470

Mailing Address:
400 Vaiden Drive
Hernando, MS 38632

Company Contact:
Naji Nassif
Executive Vice President

The Hydrasep® BD line of separators is specifically designed for the Biodiesel industry. They can be installed directly after high-shear, cavitation and batch reactors. The Hydrasep® BD is not sensitive to fluctuations in glycerin ratio, a common occurrence during batch drainage. Hydrasep® can also be used to separate wash water from Biodiesel reducing carry-over of biodiesel in the wash water and reducing biodiesel drying requirements. Why tie up a storage tank that can be used for feedstock, intermediate, or final product storage to use as a decanter when you can free it up by adding a Hydrasep® to your process stream? Unlike centrifuges, the Hydrasep® has no moving parts, no replaceable parts.