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Teikoku USA, Inc.

P: 267-486-1030

Mailing Address:
959 Mearns Road
Warminster, PA 18974

Company Contact:
Kaytalin McCarry
Marketing Services Coordinator

TEIKOKU is the world’s largest supplier of canned motor pumps. No newcomer to the field, TEIKOKU has provided customers with proven Canned Motor Pump solutions for more than 50 years. Over 700,000 units have been installed worldwide, covering every possible application.

TEIKOKU is unique in that it designs and manufactures both pumps and motors, thus ensuring users total quality control and matched hydraulic/ driver performance. The TEIKOKU Canned Motor Pump replaces conventional sealed pumps, providing safer, more economical operation through reduced long-term costof ownership. This is especially advantageous when pumping hazardous, volatile, toxic, and hard to handle liquids.