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New Heaven Chemicals Iowa, LLC

P: 641-454-4030

Mailing Address:
1585 380th Street
Manly, IA 50456

Company Contact:
Pruthvi Gupta Chavala
Process Engineer

New Heaven Chemicals Iowa (NHC) is an independent domestic manufacturer of sodium methylate catalyst for the biodiesel industry with a plant located in Northern Iowa.

NHC owns and operates a 20,000 metric ton per year sodium methylate plant in Manly, Iowa that has been in operation since 2016 and has delivered 1,000+ loads of sodium methylate solution to date. Our customers include some of the largest and better known biodiesel facilities in North America as well as smaller plants. We produce Sodium Methylate 30% solution in Methanol and can also deliver 25% solution and other custom concentrations.