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Desmet Ballestra North America, Inc.

P: 770-693-0061
F: 770-693-0071

Mailing Address:
450 Franklin Road, Suite 170
Marietta, GA 30067

Company Contact:
Blake Hendrix
President & CEO

Desmet Ballestra are world leaders in supplying process systems for extraction of oils & fats, conversion of oils & fats into various edible products (salad oil, cooking oil, baking fats, etc), and conversion of oils & fats into various industrial products (oleochemicals, detergents, surfactants, soap, etc). Desmet Ballestra biodiesel processes are capable of starting from a wide range of fats & oils of various purities (crude/degummed/ refined), including used frying oils. This flexibility allows our customers to use raw materials less expensive than traditional processes based only on fully refined oils.