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Evonik Oil Additives

P: 215-706-5808

Mailing Address:
723 Electronic Drive
Horsham, PA 19044

Company Contact:
Alex Tsay
Global Marketing Manager of Oil & Gas

Because the melting points of biodiesel fuels vary within a broad range of about -35 to +45°C, the low-temperature properties of the biofuel can be adversely affected, depending on whether it’s based on soybean, rapeseed, palm oil or animal tallow. The leading solution for this problem is VISCOPLEX® Cold Flow Improvers (CFIs), a broad spectrum of flow improvers from the Evonik Oil Additives Business Line of Evonik Industries. They provide outstanding flow properties for biofuel – in any region or season. And they mean superior cost-efficiency when it comes to ensuring that different types of biodiesel meet the low-temperature performance standards of current fuel specifications.