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Darling Ingredients

P: 972-717-0300
F: 972-717-1588

Mailing Address:
251 O'Connor Ridge Boulevard #300
Irving, TX 75038

Company Contact:
Michael Rath
Sr. Vice President of Commodities

Darling Ingredients is perfectly positioned as a supplier and producer to the biodiesel industry. The company pioneered the development of biofuel from recycled animal fats and used cooking oils, operating the first commercial biodiesel facilities in both US and Canada, in mid-1990s and 2005, respectively. In 2013, Darling began operations at Diamond Green Diesel (co-owned with Valero Energy outside New Orleans), North America’s largest renewable diesel facility, using animal fats, used cooking oil and distiller corn oil as feedstock. The DGD facility is undergoing expansion to 275 million gallons/year capacity for completion in 2Q18, and recently announced exploratory discussions to further expand to 550 million gallons annually.