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BDI-BioEnergy International AG

P: 00433164009113

Mailing Address:
Parkring 18
Raaba-Grambach, Styria

Company Contact:
Lisa Florian

BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH is expert in constructing tailor-made multi-feedstock BioDiesel plants.

BioDieselThe self-developed multi-feedstock process enables the processing of various waste oils and fats (used cooking oil, animal fat, trap grease as well as fresh vegetable oils) into high-quality BioDiesel.

RetroFitBDI optimizes existing BioDiesel plants and brings them up to date with BDI technology. The implementation of the proprietary RetroFit program in existing large-scale plants increases feedstock flexibility and simultaneously improves BioDiesel quality.

bioCRACKDuring the patented bioCRACK process, solid biomass is converted into second-generation biofuel using vacuum gas oil, a by-product of mineral oil refineries.