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Express Grain Terminals, LLC

P: 662-897-4348
F: 662-453-0899

Mailing Address:
PO Box 189
23248 County Road 512
Sidon, MS 38954

Company Contact:
David Lavender
Vice President & General Manager

Express Grain Terminals, LLC was founded in 2007, operating in the Grain Origination sector of the Agricultural industry, with 100 car train loading capability on the CN Railway. A Cottonseed Processing plant was acquired in 2015 and re-tooled for Soybean Processing which became operational in 2016. The current capacity is 1000 tons per day with potential to expand to 2000 tons per day. In 2017, Feed Ingredient trading and warehousing space of 190,000 square feet was added as well as Feed mixing. 2018 brings Biodiesel production to our company with 20 million gallons of annual capacity.