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Arisdyne Systems, Inc.

P: 216-389-0230

Mailing Address:
17909 Cleveland Parkway, Suite 100
Cleveland, OH 44135

Company Contact:
Darren Litle
Director of Technical Sales

Arisdyne Systems, Inc. “Applying the Power of Controlled Cavitation” Arisdyne custom designs cavitation systems for multiple industries and applications where reducing ingredients/chemical inputs, increasing reaction rates, mixing and/or reducing/standardizing particle size are valued process benefits. Arisdyne Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of high shear force for superior mixing, particle size reduction and chemical reactions with applications of optimization of catalyst consumption, reduction of glycerides and increase of throughput in biodiesel production, enhancement of yield and reduction of chemical consumption in vegetable oil refining, & yield enhancement for ethanol production from both starch and fiber.