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Automation Products, Inc.-DYNATROL® Division

P: 713-869-0361
F: 713-869-7332

Mailing Address:
3030 Maxroy Street
Houston, TX 77008

Company Contact:
Steve Sawyer
Factory Sales Manager

For over 60 years, Automation Products, Inc. has continued to develop and manufacture DYNATROL® in-line process instruments & controls and bulk solids level detectors.

DYNATROL® CL-10HY-V2 Density cell measures biodiesel fuel, ethanol and distillates. It serves broad temperature and pressure ratings - with no moving parts. Density Cell is double-sealed for protection against leaks and provides density measurement for high-pressure service up to 1480 PSIG. DYNATROL® Density Converter provides simple calibration of specific gravity, API gravity and displays corrected gravities.