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Clariant Refinery Services

P: 281-296-3216
F: 281-465-9200

Mailing Address:
2750 Technology Forest Boulevard
The Woodlands, TX 77381

Company Contact:
Jeffrey Burns
Head of Refinery

Clariant Refinery Services' additives facilitate cold flow, prevent wax-settling, improve stability and make the heaviest products transportable through depressing pour points. Clariant Refinery Services’ range of biofuel additives is based on the unique challenges of biofuels itself as well as blends deriving from biodiesel or renewable diesel with fossil middle distillates such as diesel or heating oil. Products for these mixtures will be tailored based on your fuel samples for optimized performance improvement.

Clariant Refinery Services offers state of the art pour point depressants for heavy and crude oils and are especially effective in opportunity crudes.