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VERBIO North America Corporation

P: 866-306-4777

Mailing Address:
17199 North Laurel Park Drive, Suite 320
Livonia, MI 48152

Company Contact:
Rand Dueweke
Vice President & Director of Compliance

VERBIO, with headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, is a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of biofuels to Germany and Europe. In January 2018, VERBIO AG formed its US subsidiary, VERBIO North America Corporation (VNA), with headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, USA. VNA plans to build, own, operate, and finance biofuel facilities across the United States and Canada. VNA currently operates a 45 million gallon/yr biodiesel plant in Welland, Ontario, Canada; is constructing a renewable natural gas and ethanol biorefinery in Nevada, Iowa, USA; and has ambitions for further growth.