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Reiter Software, LLC

P: 888-428-5617

Mailing Address:
599 Colonial Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81507

Company Contact:
Kristof Reiter

Established in 2016 and in use Coast to Coast by some expanding collectors, the Reiter Software "Cooking Oil and Grease Trap Service Software" has the diverse feature set and flexibility demanded by the UCO and Grease Trap service industries.

Give us a call. Our team looks forward to showing you how our even evolving software ecosystem can be a critical asset in allowing for both improvements in existing grease pumping operations and in enabling further company expansion.

Proprietary features include: Restaurant Service Interval Prediction, Route Planning, Route Optimization, Employee Accountability, Charge/Credit Tracking, GPS Turn-by-turn, Record keeping and Compliance, Sales CRM, UCO Collection, Grease Trap Pumping