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Gregersen Structural Engineering, Inc.

P: 385-232-1747

Mailing Address:
1143 West Two Moons Circle
Ivins, UT 84738

Company Contact:
Max Gregersen
Principal Structural Engineer

Structural and Seismic Professional Engineering Firm located in Utah serving domestic US and global customers. Offshore Floater and Onshore Oil and Gas Process Equipment Skid PE Certification, Industrial Process Equipment Skid Seismic Analysis, MEP/HVAC Seismic Restraint; Equipment Skid Structural Analysis, Independent Peer Review, Vibration, Wave Motion and Blast Analysis, Solar and Wind Structural Analysis and Design, Pipe Rack Analysis and Design, Material Handling Conveyor Trusses, /Towers/Bents, Bin, Silo and Tank Structural and Foundation Design and Analysis, FEM Analysis, Seismic, Wind and Flood Hazard Structural Calculations. Prof Licenses held in UT CA WA WY AZ AK