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P: 00340913220100

Mailing Address:
C/Nunez de Balboa 51, 1

Company Contact:
Marta Fuentes
Product & Market Manager

Tolsa is a Spanish Multinational Company created in 1957. With activities in more than 11 countries and more than 800 workers all around the world, Tolsa distributes its products in more than 90 different countries in all the continents. TOLSA has developed over the years a full range of bleaching earths under the brand MINCLEAR®, which include Natural Bleaching Earths (NABE), Surface Modified Bleaching Earths (SMBE), and High Activated Grades (HPBE). At TOLSA , we are experts in bleaching earths based in highly adsorptive clays (bentonite, sepiolite and attapulgite) formed by small particles with highly porous inner structure, very active in terms of interaction with other organic compounds.