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Glycerin Traders

Glycerin Traders is a female-owned business located in LaPorte, IN focusing on the trading of in-spec & out-of-spec biodiesel, vegetable & animal fat (for biodiesel plants and other uses), various grades of glycerin, mixed alcohol sources, feed ingredients and most other recyclable, organic ingredients. Glycerin Traders is constantly seeking glycerin sources as boiler fuel, as well as biodiesel to sell through its network of buyers.

Glycerin Traders also consults for biodiesel plants and builds acid esterification systems for operating biodiesel plants. We also specialize in the purchase of assets from bankrupt or non-operating biodiesel operations for resale into existing biodiesel plants or other industries.

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Dennis Zeedyk | Senior Trader |
P: 219-369-4991 | F: 419-715-5070