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CF Technologies, Inc.

Jessica Sweeney | Vice President
P: 617-364-2500

CF Tech takes Climate Change seriously and want to do our part to reduce dependence upon petroleum fuels. We build waste-to-energy solutions. National implementation of our equipment will save grea . . read more

Krugler Engineering Group, Inc.

Arthur Krugler | President
P: 530-446-6661

Technology development; Offering to Plant Operators and Investors. Recent development of a patentable, continuous process with near instant conversion from seed oils to biodiesel & glycerin, in a sma . . read more

KuKK K+F, Ltd.

Andras Kovacs |
P: 36302114101

R&D profile: solvent born technology to boost efficiency and yield in 1st gen units, to retrofit 1st gen to 2nd gen without excessive capex, and to pre-treat feedstock to protect hydrotreatment . . read more

The ProExporter Network

Ryan Ruikka | Biofuels Energy Analyst
P: 734-330-1961 | F: 734-475-0452

The ProExporter Network® integrates the geography of American biomass supply with the locus of world food and feed demand, as affected by ever-changing world economic growth, exchange rates, en . . read more