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Advanced Biofuels USA

Advanced Biofuels USA, a nonprofit educational organization advocates for the adoption of advanced, sustainable, renewable fuels as an immediate climate change mitigation and pollution control solution. Our key tool is our web site,, with a more than 40,000-item online library, a resource for all from opinion-leaders, decision-makers and legislators to industry professionals, investors, feedstock growers and researchers; as well as journalists, teachers and students. We prepare technology and policy assessments, brief government staff, participate in conferences and lecture. Technology neutral and feedstock and product agnostic, our work is respected around the world.

Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc.

Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc. (AFS) develops, brands, and markets performance-enhancing fuel additives for wholesalers, dealers, jobbers, and fleets representing virtually every market segment—including on/off road diesel, biodiesel blends, gasoline, marine fuel, and home heating oil. Our team has been trained extensively on the operability, marketability, and adoptability of biodiesel blends in diesel, marine, and home heating fuels.

Services Include: Field-proven additive treatments for water, microbial, stability, and cold flow management; Fuel sampling & analysis, Consultation on how to best use or build upon existing assets to support your biodiesel operation.

AFRY Management Consulting

AFRY is an international engineering, design and advisory company. We support our clients to progress in sustainability and digitalization. We are 17,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations. AFRY has five divisions, Infrastructure, Industrial & Digital Solutions, Process Industries, Energy, and Management Consulting. AFRY Management Consulting is the leading advisor to the world’s energy, forest and bio-based industries. Our dedicated team of over 450 consultants, across 17 offices on 3 continents, provides strategic and operational advice across the value chain, underpinned by deep expertise and market insights.

Ag Processing, Inc.

Biodiesel producer with 3 plant locations - Sergeant Bluff, IA, Saint Joseph, MO, Algona, IA

Air Resource Specialists, Inc.

Air Resource Specialists, Inc. (ARS) provides environmental permitting and compliance support to biofuel producers. ARS provides technical and regulatory support on Clean Air Act permitting and Clean Water Act wastewater and stormwater discharge applications, stormwater management plans, and SPCC/FRP/RMP plans. ARS provides the technical and regulatory analyses to support these activities, including emission calculations, air quality modeling, and emissions control technology assessments. ARS aids clients by assessing plant-level environmental compliance status through formal multi-discipline audits and developing client-friendly tools that track environmental data and enhance in-house environmental compliance programs.

Air Techniques, Inc.

Since 1993, Air Techniques, Inc has designed and manufactures CEMS and PEMS. We monitor any of the required state air emissions and can provided the required periodic reports required by the State Agencies.

We also do Air Emissions Testing and RATA Certifications.

As a leader in the design and manufacture of metal stacks Air Techniques, Inc. is the choice for new and replacement equipment.

We also represent multiple manufacturers and their process equipment for your combustion, and air pollution control needs. Let us know how we may be of service to you.

Alcohol Tax Consultants, Inc.

Consultants to the Spirits, Wine and Brewery, Flavor, Fragrance, Chemical and Food Industries.Permits, Claims, Reports, Returns, Application, Audits80 Years Representing The Industry

Amalgamated, Inc.

Supplier of distillate (diesel, gas oil, fuel oil) and bio diesel fuel additives.Specializing in winterization and quality performance upgrade additives packaged in bulk truckloads, 330-gallon totes, 55-gallon drums, 2.5-gallon jugs and quarts.Laboratory verified performance enhancements for distillate fuels, bio diesel fuels and gasoline fuels.Rapid delivery within 3 to 5 business days of order receipts. Lowest possible prices.Call 260-489-2549 or visit our web site

American Biodiesel dba Community Fuels

American Biodiesel dba Community Fuels operates one of the largest multi-feedstock biodiesel plant and state of the are terminal facility at the Port of Stockton, California.

Ameridia Innovative Solutions, Inc.

Ameridia Innovative Solutions, Inc. is the US subsidiary of Eurodia Industrie, a separation process company supplying turnkey systems combining electrodialysis, chromatography, ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis, micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration, for applications in dairy, sugar and starch, wine and juices, chemicals, biochemicals, water treatment, etc. Depending on the application, Ameridia works closely with its customers to offer a single process equipment or a combination of several processing steps to maximize product quality and minimize costs and effluents,

AMSEnergy Corp.

AMSEnergy focuses on waste heat recovery utilizing our Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers ("HPHX") employing thermosyphon heat pipe technology offering many features and benefits up to 1200°C over that of other classical heat exchanger technologies or designs.

HPHX's have been used successfully in many types of industries; including district heating, industrial air preheaters and waste heat to power generation.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil provides highly engineered, environmental equipment and service solutions that help solve complex industrial air and water challenges across the globe. From thermal and catalytic oxidizers for air pollution control applications to custom integrated systems for wastewater treatment. Anguil is committed to protecting the environment with unmatched engineering, innovative equipment, guaranteed compliance and reliable service.

Arisdyne Systems, Inc.

Arisdyne Systems,Inc.“Applying the Power of Controlled Cavitation” Arisdyne custom designs cavitation systems for multiple industries and applications where reducing ingredients/chemical inputs,increasing reaction rates,mixing and/or reducing/standardizing particle size are valued process benefits. Arisdyne Systems,Inc. is the leading provider of high shear force for superior mixing, particle size reduction and chemical reactions with applications that include the optimization of catalyst consumption, reduction of glycerides and increase of throughput in biodiesel production, enhancement of yield and reduction of chemical consumption in vegetable oil refining,and yield enhancement for ethanol production fromboth starch andfiber.

Arkema, Inc.-Innovative Chemistry

MSA LC converts FFAs (free fatty acids) into biodiesel so that producers get the highest yields from cost-efficient feedstocks. MSA LC is the efficient catalyst for pre-treating oils containing > 1.0% FFA as this innovative product affords higher conversion with time vs. H2SO4. MSA LC is a unique acid with significantly reduced corrosivity towards 304L and 316L stainless steels. Arkema supports biodiesel producers with the best service and supply. Our customer service team stays in communication so you know order status and delivery timing. Our Principal Research Scientist can advise on process conditions and co-product options. If you manage a portfolio with advantaged feedstocks, get the most out of every drop with Arkema.

AT Agrar-Technik Int. GmbH

Since 1982 AT is a globally active full-service engineering firm serving markets in the oleochemical industries. In its dual role as process supplier/developper and plant manufacturer AT provides custom-tailored technology solutions and equipment for the veg oil industry as well as the oleochemical industry. Another of AT’s business fields is retrofitting of existing biodiesel and glycerol production facilities. This includes optimization for high-FFA or MULTI-FEEDSTOCK operation, energy efficiency or performance. The fundamental purpose of AT technology is the integrated conversion of a diversity of feedstocks into first and second generation biodiesel with maximum yield and the highest possible product quality.


ATAGO, an 81-year-old company offering wide ranges of precise quality control instrument for the industry. With the motto of “You ask, we create,” we have released a new inline meter that is explosion proofed. At this exciting cross-point of manufacturing and automation convergence, our inline Brix meters are integral part of the ever-growing internet of things (IoT). Learn more about our inline meters, benchtop refractometers, or viscosity meters at or sign up for our online webinars at

Automation Products, Inc.-DYNATROL® Division

For over 60 years, Automation Products, Inc. has continued to develop and manufacture DYNATROL® in-line process instruments & controls and bulk solids level detectors.

DYNATROL® CL-10HY-V2 Density cell measures biodiesel fuel, ethanol and distillates. It serves broad temperature and pressure ratings - with no moving parts. Density Cell is double-sealed for protection against leaks and provides density measurement for high-pressure service up to 1480 PSIG. DYNATROL® Density Converter provides simple calibration of specific gravity, API gravity and displays corrected gravities.

Avalon Energy Group LLC

Avalon Energy Group is a management consulting group made up of experts in renewable energy and biofuels industry. The group provides access to leading experts in both academia and industry, including talent from MIT, Cornell, and a network of CEOs of some of the most active biofuels (biodiesel and ethanol) companies in the industry.


AZCO is an employee-owned, full-service industrial constructor and fabricator providing pipe and metal prefabrication throughout the U.S., serving biodiesel, refinery and petrochemical, power generation, renewable energy, solar, food and beverage, and general manufacturing industries.

AZCO is AISC Erector and Fabricator Certified.

BASF Corporation

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. Our innovative solutions for esterification and transesterification help maximize biodiesel processing yields. Our high-quality sodium and potassium methylate alcoholates are easy to handle, free from water and suitable for direct use.For information:

BBI Project Development

BBI Project Development is a technology-based engineering and consulting services company specializing in assisting clients in the assessment and development of biomass-based renewable energy and biotechnology projects worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, BBI has completed more than 335 projects in the renewable energy and biotechnology sectors. Members of the BBI Project Development team have long-established reputations within the biomass, biofuels and bioenergy sectors. We have the experience and expertise to help make your project a success.

BDI-BioEnergy International

As a specialized plant manufacturer, we set technological standards in the refining of residual and waste materials with our self-developed Multi-Feedstock technology. Our tailor-made BioDiesel industrial plants produce high-quality BioDiesel - meeting the strictest standards worldwide - from a wide range of raw materials.

Our range of offerings covers all key services for the customer: from the development of new processes, scale-up, front-end, authority, basic and detail engineering to turnkey plant construction. Commissioning and training of plant operators are subsequently supplemented by our qualified after-sales service.

Biodiesel Magazine

Biodiesel Magazine is a trade journal dedicated to objective, independent coverage of biodiesel news, events and information relevant to the global industry. With editorial focus on U.S. and international methyl ester manufacturing, trade, distribution and markets, Biodiesel Magazine also provides valuable insight into feedstock and market share competition from the non-ester renewable diesel sector.

Biofuels International

Biofuels International magazine is a global publication, designed to appeal to those who wish to learn and be kept abreast of this increasingly important area. The magazine encompasses biodiesel and bioethanol markets worldwide.

Every issue includes in-depth news analysis and features as well as including an insightful interview with a leading biofuels producer, information on the latest regulations and legislation and a close examination of the biofuels sector in a particular region. This includes data on production capacities, new projects, demand levels and relevant local challenges.

Biofuels International also organises an annual conference in Europe co-hosted with our biomass and biogas events.

BioFuran Materials, LLC

BioFuran Materials is a supplier of short chain carboxylate salts, esters, and ionic liquids. We support the needs of the scientific research community, providing common and customized short chain carboxylates for discovery, educational, development and manufacturing applications. If salts, esters, or ionic liquids are a vital part of your product portfolio or processes, our formates, acetates, propionates, butyrates, valerates, and levulinates will be an invaluable resource. We offer the quality customers demand.

Biomass Magazine

Biomass Magazine is a monthly trade publication tailored to serve companies and organizations engaged in producing or utilizing biomass power and heat, advanced biofuels, biogas, wood pellets and biobased chemicals. In addition to policy, regulation, project finance, technology and plant management, the publication maintains a core editorial focus on biomass logistics: generating, cultivating, collecting, transporting, processing, marketing, procuring and utilizing sustainable biomass.


Bioplant Technologies, LLC dba ClearEcos

ClearEcos is the largest footprint oil recycling company in Colorado and the intermountain west. We up-cycle 100% of our oil into biodiesel. We operate out of a 100% wind powered facility.

Bluegrass Biofuels, LLC

Biodiesel producer located in Falmouth KY, founded in 2018. This facility has the capability to process up to 9.5MMgy B100 biodiesel.

Bruks Siwertell

Bruks Siwertell is a market-leading supplier of dry bulk handling and wood processing systems. With thousands of installations worldwide, our machines handle your raw materials from forests, fields, quarries and mines, maintaining critical supply lines for manufacturers, mills, power plants and ports.

We design, produce and deliver systems for loading, unloading, conveying, storing, and stacking and reclaiming dry bulk materials, alongside equipment for chipping, screening, milling and processing wood for the biofuel, board, saw mill, pulp and paper industries.

Bryan Yeh Consulting

Our company provides consulting services for the biodiesel/renewable diesel industry in the areas of process design, process optimization, project planning, technology evaluations and management organization.

C.M. Bernardini International S.p.A.

CMBernardini SpA is an international Company, leader in Design and Manufacturing of Technologies for Vegetable Oil and Oleochemical industries. CMBernardini has more than 60 years of experience in Oils & Fats industry. CMBernardini’s R&D Department excellence is based on the wide list of opportunities available, ranging from laboratory tests up to the possibility to use pilot-plants to test the advanced technologies developed. The Company owns in-house technologies covering the whole range of Vegetable Oil and Oleochemical processing. More than 400 industrial process units have been supplied under the Bernardini’s name in around 80 different Countries, all over the world. CMBernardini is certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

California Advanced Biofuels Alliance (CABA)

The California Advanced Biofuels Alliance (CABA) endeavors to increase awareness about advanced biofuels as California's leading and widely available solution delivering significant economic, environmental, and energy diversity benefits throughout the state.


Camcorp, Inc., is a leading provider of dust collection, air pollution control, product recovery and pneumatic conveying systems and equipment. Camcorp provides a wide spectrum of clean air management products including: air discs, air slide conveyors, rotary airlocks, bag dump stations, pressure & vacuum blower packages, bins & silos, bulk bag loaders & unloaders, controls & system integration, standard & high efficiency cyclones, pulse-jet baghouse & cartridge filters, low-pressure & medium-pressure reverse air filters, scale & surge hoppers, pneumatic receivers, ASME & 10 bar containment filters and negative airlift systems.

Camlin Fine Sciences

Oxidation is the enemy of biodiesel, leading to reduced shelf life and performance, clogged filters, and equipment damage. Xtendra® BL100s and Xtendra ® BL200s antioxidant solutions from Camlin Fine Sciences protect your biodiesel products and keeps them fresher, longer.

Cast Aluminum Solutions

Cast Aluminum Solutions designs and manufactures heaters capable of warming flammable gases & liquids. Our CAST -X Heater line is suited for vaporizing processes, fuel gas conditioning, and high-pressure heating applications. CAST-X Circulation Heaters have the ability to heat all types of hydrocarbons (liquid, cryogenic, or gas). Cast Aluminum Solutions serves fuel manufacturers of all types from our offices in Batavia, IL. Custom heat exchangers for high pressure applications and for combustible media can be engineered for OEMs and processors worldwide. For more information call 630-879-2696 or check

CEM Machine

Producer of heavy duty microchip Chippers to reduce Wood of all sizes to microchips for more efficient pellet production, ethanol and biodiesel processes.

CF Technologies, Inc.

CF Tech takes Climate Change seriously and want to do our part to reduce dependence upon petroleum fuels. We build waste-to-energy solutions. National implementation of our equipment will save grease trap service providers $600 Million in disposal costs each year. The fuel produced will provide additional revenues of $1 Billion. The input waste is restaurant trap grease and the product is biodiesel. Fuel is cheaper when it starts as waste. CF Tech is a world renowned supercritical fluid technology company, focused on replacing hazardous solvents with clean, recyclable and inexpensive clean and green fluids.

Christianson PLLP

Christianson PLLP is a full-service accounting and management consulting firm with more than three decades of experience helping companies make sound business decisions and solve pressing challenges. Our dedicated team of experts delivers top-notch solutions to financial, strategic, and operational issues for companies large and small. Creating Clients for Life is not just our tagline – it is how we do business.

Cielo Waste Solutions

Cielo is a publicly traded company with a proprietary technology that transforms certain types of landfill garbage into high-grade diesel, kerosene (aviation jet and marine fuel) and naphtha. Cielo’s proven and patented technology is currently being deployed in the Company’s Aldersyde, Alberta facility, where wood waste is currently being converted into renewable fuels. Cielo’s experienced management team is well positioned with strategic partners in place to expand aggressively across Canada, into the US and then globally.

Clariant Refinery Services

Clariant Refinery Services' additives facilitate cold flow, prevent wax-settling, improve stability and make the heaviest products transportable through depressing pour points. Clariant Refinery Services’ range of biofuel additives is based on the unique challenges of biofuels itself as well as blends deriving from biodiesel or renewable diesel with fossil middle distillates such as diesel or heating oil. Products for these mixtures will be tailored based on your fuel samples for optimized performance improvement.

Clariant Refinery Services offers state of the art pour point depressants for heavy and crude oils and are especially effective in opportunity crudes.

Cleri Consulting

Cleri Consulting is dedicated to professional organizations working in energy.

CompuWeigh Corp.

CompuWeigh is the industry leader in bulk weigh scales used for measuring raw product going into production as well as the measuring of meal being loaded out. Additionally, CompuWeigh supplies automated RFID truck loading and unloading systems which interface to truck scales and flow meters.

Cooling Technology Institute (CTI)

As a broad based industry association, CTI’s mission is to advocate and promote, for the benefit of the public, the use of all environmentally responsible cooling technologies, such as wet cooling towers; dry coolers; air-cooled condensers; indirect cooling; and hybrid systems, by encouraging:

Education on these technologiesDevelopment of codes, standards, and guidelinesDevelopment, use, and oversight of independent performance verification and certification programsResearch to improve these technologiesAdvocacy and dialog on the benefits of cooling technologies with Government Agencies and other organizations with shared interestsTechnical information exchange

Crown Global Headquarters & Innovation Center

Crown is a global leader in oilseed extraction with 70 years of proven expertise in oilseed processing design and equipment serving crush, refining, biofuels, oleochemical and specialty markets.Crown also provides superior aftermarket parts and field services. Crown’s new, state-of-the-art Innovation Center is a 15,000 sq. ft. fully functional plant featuring real-world capabilities where you can analyze processes, trouble-shoot issues, increase operational knowledge and more, all within a controlled, low-risk, confidential environment.We design pretreatment and biodiesel plants. Multiple feedstocks can be used.With access to our team and Center, you can de-risk and accelerate their projects to stay ahead of market shifts and more.


Improve feedstock quality and efficiently polish your biodiesel product to meet B100 specifications with D-SOL®.

D-SOL® simply and effectively:• Removes contaminants• Enables use of cheaper feeds• Utilizes the original Dry Wash™ technology• Debottlenecks operations and extends capacity• Improves consistency in operations and product• Increases your bottom line!

D-SOL®-The Dallas Group of America, Inc.

D-SOL® simply and efficiently removes polar contaminants such as water, metals, soaps, glycerin, sterol glucosides, gums and waxes. Let our experts work with you to simplify your process, improve productivity and maximize your profits.


D3MAX is a technology company formed by BBI International to license our patented cellulosic ethanol technology to dry mill ethanol plants in the US. Our cutting edge technology converts corn fiber and residual starch in distillers grains to cellulosic ethanol. This is a 1.3 billion gallon per year market and we intend to capture a significant portion of the market by licensing our D3MAX technology to existing ethanol plants.

Darling Ingredients

Air Techniques designs and builds CEMS and PEMS environmental monitoring systems. These systems are design specifically for the compliance of environmental regulation for your process in your area. We also design and build metal stacks, and ducting. These are single wall, double wall, individual and multi-flue installations up to 300 feet tall. We also provide environmental compliance testing for your facility and can prepare the reports required by your state.

Deep South Commodities

Used Cooking Oil. Deep South Commodities specializes in Renewable Commodities and Feedstocks. Call us today at 407.204.1000.

Degart Global, LLC

Degart Global is a ISO 9001:2015 Consulting Firm that audits and consults with BQ9000, ISO 9001, ISCC Sustainability, and Food Safety (FSMA) standards.

Desatec GmbH

We supply both Sodium methylate solution and Sodium methylate powder to numerous customers from various industries and have also established ourselves in the biodiesel industry as a reliable supplier of SMO/NM30. Our worldwide customer base extends from Europe, USA, Canada, South America to Asia.

We guarantee consistent high product quality.

If you would like to insure your NM30/SMO supply on a wider and on an environmentally sustainable basis, please contact us.

Desmet Ballestra North America, Inc.

Desmet Ballestra are world leaders in supplying process systems for extraction of oils & fats, conversion of oils & fats into various edible products (salad oil, cooking oil, baking fats, etc), and conversion of oils & fats into various industrial products (oleochemicals, detergents, surfactants, soap, etc). Desmet Ballestra biodiesel processes are capable of starting from a wide range of fats & oils of various purities (crude/degummed/ refined), including used frying oils. This flexibility allows our customers to use raw materials less expensive than traditional processes based only on fully refined oils.

Dilling Group, Inc.

Nationwide industrial contractor providing construction and maintenance services since 1947. Services include mechanical fabrication and installation; electrical services; HVAC design, installation and service; complete integrations of controls and automation; core competency of process and utility piping. ASME PP, U, R, and S Code stamps maintained. Projects supported by in-house, licensed Professional Engineers. Experience building world-class soy-crush and biodiesel production facilities.

Dolphin Centrifuge

Centrifuge systems featuring Alfa Laval disc-stack centrifuges for biodiesel separations applications. Separation of biodiesel from glycerol, wash-water, glycerin purification, etc.

Dover Resources, Inc.

Potential to load or unload biodiesel from rail car to truck in the Port of Los Angeles. Track available / formerly permitted. Available for biodiesel if permit reactivated. Manifest train unloading or loading potential. Also 2 x 100 car rail car unloading loops being built now (one BN direct, one both UP and BN RR accessible).Potentially available to develop for biodiesel distribution in the central and northern areas of the Central Valley in California.

Eco Green Fuels Pvt., Ltd.

Manufacturers of biodiesel from multi feedstock with an initial capacity of 40 TPD. In existence since 2011 and have specialized in producing Biodiesel from locally collected Used Cooking Oil.We offer EN 14214 specification grade Biodiesel for our clients in India.


Eco-NRG, LLC Revolutionary non-burning renewable technology to recycle and transform regraded muni waste streams into green fuels.


EcoEngineers is a clean energy consulting and auditing firm. We deliver clean energy production across multiple industry sectors with our systematic, proven 360° approach. We hold a deep understanding of what drives innovation and investment in clean energy projects, and our team of experts will guide you through the project development process from concept to commissioning. Our 360° project approach has evolved through hard-earned experience and unites our talented team with our core strengths — training and education, regulatory engagement, life-cycle analysis, asset development consulting, compliance management, and audit — to deliver the results you seek and the return you count on.


Manufacturers of water & glycol chillers

Economy Controls Corporation

Economy Controls offers Intelligent Flow Systems that Measure Up!™ With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and designing blending equipment to fit your needs, we specialize in complete systems and separate components to fill, dispense, measure, inject and transfer any type of liquid. Offering blend ratios of 0-100% with independent control of each liquid, our computer software and measuring systems result in minimal to no waste, thus saving you money and materials. ECC provides technical support and parts on all of our products. Contact us to see how our Intelligent Flow Systems can Measure Up for you!

Ed W. Smith Machine Works

Since 1939, Ed W. Smith Machine Works’ mission has been supplying clients with the highest quality fabricated steel products for their gas-liquid separation needs. We customize our patented stripping vane element design to suit customer’s applications. Along with our signature vane pack, we carry wire mesh pads & Jonell filter elements. No matter the application or industry, we can create custom solutions to meet all your process separation needs. Quality, innovation, and superior customer service are at the forefront of our business. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you. We look forward to making our products work for you.

Enerquip, LLC

Enerquip understands the distinct challenges and priorities behind designing shell and tube heat exchangers for the refining and gas processing industries. Rigorous safety standards and operation requirements make it critical that heat exchangers are designed properly and comply with ASME Code, TEMA-R guidelines and API-660. Design considerations include customer specifications, cost, space, and corrosion resistance.

Specializing in stainless steel, we custom design and fabricate new and replacement shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, reboilers, evaporators, preheaters, and coolers. We also build ASME pressure vessels, pipe spools, spargers, and other components.

When your reputation is on the line, trust the experts at Enerquip.


Equinox provides feasibility studies, financial and techno-economic modeling, business plans, strategy, planning, and project development services to the bio-conversion and agribusiness industries including biofuel, bio-chemicals, and agricultural value-added projects. Equinox is dedicated to providing experienced advice, exceptional analytics and strategic development for its clients across the US and internationally. We work with our clients in projects including:

- Financial Planning & Analysis- Project Development- New Business Formation and Startup- Strategy & Capital Planning- Operations Management- New Technology Analysis – Renewable diesel, biodiesel, Advanced biofuels, Biochemicals- Market Analysis

ERG Partners

ERG Partners is a government relations, public affairs and strategic consulting firm servicing business, industry, trade and professional associations in the Mid Atlantic region specializing in alternative energy projects. We provide information, analyses, strategic services and solutions to support business development and expansion.

The partners have years of expertise and success with energy, agribusiness, transportation, corporate and environmental issues. PA-ERG was created in late 2006 by its partners, who built the company on their well-deserved reputations for successful representation of client interests in the General Assembly, Governor’s Office and with state agencies.

Ethanol Producer Magazine

Since 1995, Ethanol Producer Magazine is the ethanol industry’s premier trade journal. With its commitment to editorial excellence and high-quality print production and distribution, it is widely recognized as the business-to-business publication of note throughout the global ethanol industry. With compelling profiles, insightful news and commentary, and engaging features on plant optimization, research, science, technology, equipment, environmental health and safety, compliance, marketing, policy and industry events, Ethanol Producer Magazine is the magazine ethanol producers turn to.

Evonik Corporation

Evonik is a leading specialty chemicals supplier, active in more than 100 countries all over the world. For the biodiesel industry, we have the sodium and potassium methylate catalysts, which are the state-of-the-art options in safe and competitive production of biodiesel. In North America, we have our newly expanded sodium methylate manufacturing facility located in Mobile, AL and distribute our products within the U.S. and Canada.

Excalibur Lipid Technology, Inc.

Excalibur Lipid Technology, Inc. has more than a decade of experience in helping biodiesel producers find the best value for their coproducts.

ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd.

ExcelVite is one of the main biodiesel producers in Malaysia. ExcelVite has a full-fledge biodiesel laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025-Accredited) at our facility. We produce our methyl ester to oleochemical grade and due to our molecular-distillation process, we are able to produce methyl ester that exceeds the EN 14214 and ASTM 6751 specifications.

ExcelVite's products are Kosher and Halal. We are certified with RSPO Supply Chain Certification and MSPO Supply Chain Certification.

Our Brands:EVFuel - Refined and Molecularly-Distilled Natural Palm Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (Biodiesel)EVOleo - Refined and Molecularly-Distilled Natural Palm Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (Oleochemical Application)Glyceraw - Palm Oil-Based Glycerol Liquid

Fiber Chem, Inc.

Fiber Chem is an industrial insulation contractor that has been specializing in the insulation and jacketing of storage tanks, vessels and pipe nationally since 1988. For the best long term cost of ownership, remember to invest in the Fiber Chem Roof Rafter and Sidewall Mounting systems, and our Removable Bottom Ring. The Fiber Chem systems are proven to withstand the most severe conditions. If you need an insulator who has seen it all and knows what works, give us a call. We will answer your questions and provide you with a solution that will work for your application. And if you need a price, we’ll have that to you in less than two hours.

Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc.

Engineered for Your SuccessFlottweg has over 60 years of experience manufacturing and servicing centrifuges, leading to 13,000 units sold worldwide. Flottweg is continuously advancing centrifuge technology with innovations such as the double cone scroll, centrate energy recovery systems and most recently our new open scroll design, Xelletor, that allows for more capacity, drier cake, and lower polymer consumption.Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc is headquartered in Independence, KY and has over $6 million in parts, rotating assemblies, and accessories to serve our clients immediate aftermarket needs. Flottweg is organized and positioned to provide aftermarket parts and service to customer sites within 24-48 hours.

FPZ, Inc.

FPZ has been manufacturing single and dual stage high performance regenerative blowers since 1975. FPZ regenerative blowers are capable of producing air flows over 1,400 SCFM, pressures up to 10.4 psig and vacuum to 14" HG. We also offer a full range of accessories. Our horsepower options range from 1/3 hp to 50 hp. All blowers are covered by our 3-year warranty.

Frazier, Barnes & Associates

Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel feedstock evaluation and procurement. FBA has over 2 decades of renewable fuel consulting and due diligence experience.

French Oil Mill Machinery Co.

French Oil Mill Machinery Co. manufactures a variety of mechanical screw presses (expellers) and other support equipment for a variety of applications to mechanically remove moisture, oil and other liquids including high pressure, heavy duty presses for maximum recovery as well as water cooling and steam heating capability of shaft and cages for unique applications.

We also offer a pilot test facility at our factory with multiple presses and other equipment to test your specific product. The pilot equipment is scalable to full production units.

We are an ISO-certified, 4th generation family owned U.S. company manufacturing custom built machinery in Piqua, Ohio. We would be pleased totalk with you about your unique application .

FRP Services & Co. (America), Inc.

FRP Services & Co.(America) Inc. is a marketing and supplier of Sodium Methylate based in New York.We supply Sodium Methylate Solution and Powder both in bulk ISO tank and drums packing.

Fuel Quality Services, Inc.

Established in 1984, Fuel Quality Services, Inc. (FQS) is a Veteran Owned Company as well as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. FQS is recognized globally for providing cost effective additives, filters, testing and on-site services, to solve client issues in the upstream and downstream petroleum markets. Our commitment to Quality products and services has always been the FQS Mission. The expertise and varied backgrounds of our personnel enables FQS to explore unconventional solutions and pushing beyond conventional boundaries to offer innovative and unique solutions to meet our customer’s needs. As a global company we offer a progressive approach to the many challenges of our customers in this fast paced evolving market.

GEA North America

GEA supports the production of biodiesel in terms of both the pre-treatment of the oils and fats required and transesterification itself. We offer individual pieces of equipment, i.e., centrifuges, and full process lines.GEA process lines allow pre-treatment objectives to be efficiently realized:•No waxes, making biodiesel more stable to cold•No impurities, resulting in improved glycerin quality•No gums to cause fouling in the thermal glycerin process•No free fatty acids, reducing the proportion of MONG•No phosphates in wastewater, reducing disposal costs

Global Talent Solutions

Executive Search, Recruiting & Talent Acquisition within the Agriculture, Biotech, Renewables, Food, Feed, Fuel & Fiber industries.

GlobalTech Fluids

GlobalTech Fluids, LLC, is a U.S. company established to develop new technologies using biodiesel glycerin, with registered patents for antifreeze coolants and lubricant additives. The company’s Hydralicool technology is used to produce biodegradable, nontoxic fluids based on bio-glycerin, which can be used as hydraulic or heat transfer fluids depending on the water content. The technology meets the lubricant and environmental requirements for marine use at a competitively low cost compared to petroleum oils.

Glycerin Traders, LLC

Glycerin Traders, LLC has been in business since 2010. We take in waste product from biodiesel plants and reprocess to produce fatty acids, crude glycerin (70-80%) and methanol to resell to the various markets. Along side, Glycerin Traders also transports jam to dairy farms for feed supplements and provides dairy approved glycerin to farms throughout the Midwest.

Gorman-Rupp Company

Roto-Prime® pumps are two pumps in one: a variable capacity vane pump used during the priming cycle, and a standard centrifugal pump to move liquid. The pumps are designed for petroleum products, petrochemicals and solvents. The design quickly and automatically evacuates air and vapor, making the pump ideal for loading and off-loading transports and stripping hoses.

Green Energy Biofuel, LLC

Green Energy Biofuel offers a number of services, providing sustainable solutions food manufacturers, feedstock collectors/processors and Biofuel plants. We have the unique ability to operate at an industrial level while still retaining the best features of a family-owned business. While we have grown our operations exponentially, our customer service and ability to stay “human” and accessible when you need us, is still unwavering and unmatched.We have +12 years of experience and know how to solve FOG related solutions.We service the Mid-Atlantic Region with Trucking & Railcar Service via our own rail spur we're able to load or offload 5 rail cars and 6 tankers at once.We buy, sell, and process all types of FOG waste streams

Greenergy USA, Inc.

Biodiesel Producer and Feedstock Procurement


Greenfield is a full service economic development consulting firm for buyers, sellers and allies in the business of business locations. We help state, regional and local development organizations recruit businesses and we help businesses choose locations. We are a small firm that believes in the art and subjective nature of the decision in addition to the more rigorous traditional data analysis.

For businesses, our many years and wide geography of experience give us a network of contacts inside the economic development industry that makes the site selection decision process more efficient and comprehensive. We specialize in manufacturing and distribution projects as well as large infrastructure projects such as power plants.

Gregersen Structural Engineering, Inc.

Structural and Seismic Professional Engineering Firm located in Utah serving domestic US and global customers. Offshore Floater and Onshore Oil and Gas Process Equipment Skid PE Certification, Industrial Process Equipment Skid Seismic Analysis, MEP/HVAC Seismic Restraint; Equipment Skid Structural Analysis, Independent Peer Review, Vibration, Wave Motion and Blast Analysis, Solar and Wind Structural Analysis and Design, Pipe Rack Analysis and Design, Material Handling Conveyor Trusses, /Towers/Bents, Bin, Silo and Tank Structural and Foundation Design and Analysis, FEM Analysis, Seismic, Wind and Flood Hazard Structural Calculations. Prof Licenses held in UT CA WA WY AZ AK

GRIP Global Resources for Industrial Projects

Representing manufacturers of conveying, storage silos and reclaim equipment, belt scales, weigh feeders, magnets, metal detectors, railcar movers and process technologies.

Gulf Coast Environmental Systems

GCES specializes in providing results for environmental initiatives such as air pollution control solutions, clean energy development, gas purification, and industrial and plant services focused on improvements in operational efficiencies and performance. Our team has the innovation and experience to support a full range of custom solutions.

Gulf Hydrocarbon

Biodiesel Marketing, we offer Production Off Take Agreements to Biodiesel Processing Plants and we offer customized supply solutions for petroleum distributors and blenders. Call or email us.

Hawk Measurement (HAWK)

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK), the world leader in level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement technology, provides cutting-edge equipment and complete solutions to the global industrial market. Established in 1988, HAWK has won several prestigious awards for their breakthrough technologies that include Acoustic Wave, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Radar, and Fiber Optic Sensing. For over 30 years, HAWK has successfully solved difficult liquids and solids applications in a wide range of industries including mining, water & wastewater, oil & gas, bulk material handling, chemical and pulp & paper.

Hedlin Ag Enterprises

Hedlin Ag Enterprises provides retained executive search services for ag-based companies and associations.

Heiden R W Associates LLC

R. W. Heiden Associates LLC provides laboratory testing and specialized investigative, problem solving, research and development services to the biodiesel industry.   We have worked on various aspects of biodiesel processing since the early 1990's.  Take advantage of this wealth of experience.  See our website at and/or call Dr. Heiden at 717 299 6860 for a free 15 minute consultation.  

HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO Corporation’s state of the art manufacturing and distribution facilities combined with our many years of experience uniquely qualifies us to provide Laboratory Hoods, Furniture, Enclosures and Clean Labs. Our extensive engineering, design and Manufacturing know-how can transform your plans into reality. HEMCO offers U.L. 1805 classified Fume Hoods. HEMCO is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and a member of the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA).

Hennepin Technical College

Founded in 1972, Hennepin Technical College (HTC) is the largest stand-alone technical college in Minnesota. With campuses in Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie, the college has a diverse student population and offers degree and non-degree courses in over 45 programs. Achieving a 99% job placement rate, HTC prepares students for in-demand and high-paying employment opportunities. HTC is a member of Minnesota State, which includes 30 colleges and seven state universities.

HTP Energy, LLC-formerly Hartland Renewable Fuels

Hartland Renewable Fuels)\HTP ENERGY has substantial experience in the Biodiesel industry. We can assist with front end feedstocks and (are integrated from the front-end via feedstock procurement and risk management through the final Biodiesel production and marketing point. We operate in virtually all light oils and NGL segments in which we operate in 44 states on various pipelines. We also have an active railcar fleet and are well versed in transloading operations to facilitate supply flow in niche markets across the country. We can offer Asset Management Agreements that allow producers to focus on their expertise, while Hartland Renewable Fuels manages the input and outputs of the production facilities on the producer’s behalf.

Hydrasep, Inc.

Hydrasep® developed the BD line of separators specifically for the Biodiesel industry’s needs. They can be installed after a reactor. Two or more batch reactors can be installed in parallel to one Hydrasep® BD converting a batch operation into a continuous one. Unlike centrifuges, the Hydrasep® BD is not sensitive to fluctuations in glycerin ratio. It can also be installed in continuous mode downstream from high shear or cavitation reactors. It can also be used to separate washwater from Biodiesel reducing biodiesel drying requirements.Why tie up storage tanks to use as decanters when you can a Hydrasep® to your process stream? 


Retailer of biodiesel fuel, additive and methyl esters in drums and totes. Call for availability.

ICS, Inc.

ICS, Inc. is a full-service general construction management firm. Powered by APi Group, we have to ability to self-perform all scopes of work.APi Group is a multi-billion-dollar parent company to over 45 independently managed construction companies, located in more than 200 locations worldwide. We combine the personal attention of small-to-medium sized construction companies with the strength of an industry leader to bring innovation to the construction industry.Building for the future.


IKA Works, Inc.

The Process Technology division of IKA offers turnkey solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing options. IKA‘s solutions include: dispersing machines, homogenizers, stirrers, jet flow agitators, kneading machines, vacuum dryers as well as ready-for-use process plants, all being manufactured in IKA‘s outstanding high product quality. Consulting, design and realization of complex projects as well as proactive after-sales services complete IKA’s processing portfolio.

Illinois Oil Marketing Equipment

In over 700 Truckstops Nationwide, “Illinois Oil” has provided accurate hassle-free Bioblending since 2009.

We can provide “just the equipment” to complete turn-key installations. We provide your choice of continuous in tank blending or in-line to dispenser blending options. In either case, we will help your bottom line and your ability to compete.

Let’s work on improving YOUR bottom line today. Give us a call!

Illinois Soybean Association

The Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) checkoff and membership programs represent more than 43,000 soybean farmers in Illinois. The checkoff funds market development and utilization efforts while the membership program supports the government relations interests of Illinois soybean farmers at the local, state, and national level, through the Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG). ISA upholds the interests of Illinois soybean producers through promotion, advocacy, and education with the vision of becoming a market leader in sustainable soybean production and profitability.

Industrial Info Resources

The industry leader for Global Market Intelligence.Since 1983, we have been helping companies like yours with the most accurate and timely project and plant spending intelligence, based on the highest quality-assurance standards in the industry.

We provide value for you by reducing the time it takes you to qualify project opportunities.

Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor

Industrial Pollution Equipment Advisor (IPE Advisor is a free engineering advisory service that helps plant managers, engineers, and buyers determine the right pollution equipment for their application and find suppliers with experience in their industry. Whether you need a wet scrubber, thermal oxidizer, VOC concentrator, dust collector, RTO, or other type of pollution equipment - we can guide you to the right equipment for optimal performance. We'll also ask you questions about what's most important to you - price, quality, lead time, reliability, field service, etc. - to determine the best suppliers for your job. IPE Advisor also offers a budget calculator/benchmark cost tool to get a quick cost estimate.

Industrial Sales Solutions, LLC

Industrial Sales Solutions, LLC (Ind-Sales)is a manufacturer's rep organization covering the Upper Midwest. We are the rep for Kelvion (formerly GEA) heat exchangers and cooling towers for new equipment sales and refurbishment services & parts for all brands of heat exchangers. Filter presses and pressure leaf filters from Durco Filters; Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)and process analyzers, sample conditioning equipment, and integrated solutions from Universal Analyzers, California Analytical, Durag, Extrel, Cosa-Xentaur, Atom Instruments, Tiger Optics, LAR, and Control Analytics; Sensidyne safety products including gas detection; Durag ignitors & flame scanners; Spectrex flame detectors; Pennant steam traps/solutions

Inmetro & Optical Control Systems

INMTERO, RJ, BRAZIL: Testing and bastardization (CRM) and quality control of all types of products including biodiesel and biodiesel standards.OPTICAL CONTROL SYSTEM GERMANY (OCS GMbH): OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH provides quality control solutions. The Company offers planning, implementation, and commissioning of turnkey laboratories. OCS Optical Control Systems serves customers worldwide.

Interdevelopment, Inc.

Interdevelopment, Inc., was founded in 1967 and has several practice areas. One is financing for projects, business expansion, cash flow support and export/import operations.Language services are offered for the Americas, Europe, Africa as well as the Asia Pacific region. 



International Biomass Conference & Expo

Organized by BBI International and produced by Biomass Magazine, the International Biomass Conference & Expo brings current and future producers of bioenergy and biobased products together with waste generators, energy crop growers, municipal leaders, utility executives, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, project developers, investors and policy makers. It’s a true one-stop shop – the world’s premier educational and networking junction for all biomass industries.

International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo

The FEW provides the global ethanol industry with cutting-edge content and unparalleled networking opportunities in a dynamic business-to-business environment. The FEW is the largest, longest running ethanol conference in the world.

From its inception, the mission of the event has remained constant: The FEW delivers timely presentations with a strong focus on commercial-scale ethanol production – from quality control and yield maximization to regulatory compliance and fiscal management. The FEW is also the ethanol industry’s premier forum for unveiling new technologies and research findings. The program extensively covers cellulosic ethanol while remaining committed to optimizing existing grain ethanol operations.


Independent testing facility

Iowa Central Fuel Testing Laboratory

Our mission is to provide affordable and timely testing of motor vehicle fuels and home heating oils. We excel in providing personal, low cost services and can provide 72-hour turnaround in most cases, with RUSH service available.

J.C. Ramsdell Enviro Services, Inc.

J.C. Ramsdell is a design and construction company specializing in containment Tank farm secondary containment, rail containment and load outs; both new construction and repairs and remodels of existing systems.

JAL Engineering

JAL Engineering 's Expert Chemical Process Engineers are experienced with all aspects of renewable energy, including bio-ethanol, biodiesel, and renewable diesel. They have worked with diverse raw materials, process unit operations, quality improvements, operations, export marketing, and product testing/validation. Their expertise has helped multiple clients with their new process demonstrations including algae derived lipids, animal waste gasification and Fischer-Tropsch process conversion, and animal/vegetable waste oil transesterification to biodiesel.

James O. Taylor, CPA, CGMA

I have over 10 years experience in conducting EPA annual attest engagements.

Jensen Instrument Co.

Started in 1925, Jensen Instrument Co. is a family owned and operated Manufacturer's Representative (So. Cal.) & Distributor (National) business in Azusa, California. We specialize in Instrumentation & Control Products for Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level and other parameters. Committed to providing the best solution to our customers' process instrumentation and control needs. We can assist you in optimizing or solving any process problems, cost effectively. Let us be your resource to combine a team specialized in your process. This will save you time and money, as well as assure single source responsibility (No Finger Pointing).

JMI Technologies, Ltd.

Mechanical engineering services for machinery, pump and piping systems, and Prestart Safety Reviews.

K·Coe Isom, LLP

We understand that both opportunities and challenges run fluidly throughout the Biofuels industry. In an atmosphere charged with concerns over feedstock costs and availability, production and capital costs, policy uncertainty, and technical, environmental and social issues, biofuels producers need a reliable, proactive source for strategic financial advisory.

Our Biofuels team brings a deeper understanding of the challenges you face, and is dedicated to providing innovative ways to solve or alleviate financial complexities. Greater profitability and resilience in times of change is our goal for your business.

Contact us about strategic planning and advice, accounting and tax-consulting, sustainability, or business acquisition.

Kemin Biofuels

Kemin Biofuels is an innovative biodiesel additive manufacturer based in Des Moines, Iowa, providing premium products to biodiesel producers. Our products increase the efficiency of biodiesel plants by extending the oxidative stability of biodiesel. Kemin provides tailored customer lab services and technical expertise to help biodiesel plants maximize profitability.

Kentucky Department of Agriculture

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture works to assist Kentucky companies and producers to export their agricultural commodities and value-added products around the world. Along with other External Organizations, we are available to point to Technical Expertise & Tools, link up Financial Assistance, foster Networking Opportunities, and assist with Market Research.

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP is an approximate 700 attorney international general practice law firm with 22 offices in 4 countries specializing in energy, chemical and infrastructure project financings, private placements, capital markets, municipal tax exempt and taxable bond offerings, US and state government loan guarantee transactions, environmental regulatory compliance, IP, tax, construction, government relations, among other areas. Kilpatrick has major transactional, IP and regulatory focuses on sustainable aviation fuel, renewable diesel, clean gasoline, biodiesel, renewable natural gas, renewable hydrogen, renewable chemicals, bio-based products and other liquid, gaseous and chemical products.

Koch Modular Process

Koch Modular Process is a design-build company specializing in the modular construction for chemical mass transfer systems. Whether it is the design and construction of distillation equipment & modular process systems, distillation columns and applications, or liquid-liquid extraction equipment, nowhere else in the industry can be found the full breadth of excellence in complete project solutions.

Krugler Engineering Group, Inc.

Technology development; Offering to Plant Operators and Investors. Recent development of a patentable, continuous process with near instant conversion from seed oils to biodiesel & glycerin, in a small, low-cost reactor. Excess Methanol below 50% with high yields. Factory building, deluge sprinkling, and ventilation not required. Pilot plant equipment available for demonstration. Also cam operated pulse-free feed pump design. Registered engineer/owner with experience in process industry including biodiesel reaction systems.

KuKK K+F, Ltd.

R&D profile: solvent born technology to boost efficiency and yield in 1st gen units, to retrofit 1st gen to 2nd gen without excessive capex, and to pre-treat feedstock to protect hydrotreatment catalyst. Our main focus has been on processing refuse feedstock and protecting operational assets. Operational costs of a 2nd gen units are commensurable to specific costs of a 1st gen unit. The counter current, truly continuous process technology has been proven at pilot scale with stubborn refuse brown grease. Glycerol output is ready to get refined without high cost vacuum distillation. For more and detailed info please contact QS Biodiesel, UK.

Kyte Centrifuge, LLC

Kyte Centrifuge is a leading provider of reconditioned/remanufactured surplus industrial centrifuges for biodiesel separations. Our centrifuges are used in feedstock purification, biodiesel/glycerin separation, waterwash separation as well as separation of catalyst salts and fatty acids from crude glycerin refining. Additionally, we offer new, modern control system, parts, repair service and consulting.

LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies

LANXESS' Liquid Purification Technologies business unit offers technologies and solutions for the treatment of water and other liquid media. It is one of the leading manufacturers of ion exchange resins and is also active in the field of reverse osmosis (RO). Lewatit® ion exchange resins and Lewabrane® RO membrane elements are two complementary premium technologies. In addition, we offer since 2018 also ultrafiltration membranes to customers worldwide via its cooperation with French UF membrane manufacturer Polymem.

LD Sullivan & Company, LLC

Project Development for Biofuels and Biotechnologies

LEEM Filtration

Leem Filtration is a diversified designer and manufacturer of products for filtration.

We produce pressure leaf filters and their components for oilseed processing, biodiesel fuel production, chemical processing, and water treatment applications.

Leonard Associates

GHS Safety Data Sheets SDS by an ABIH Certified Industrial Hygienist for chemical manufacturers and formulators. Experience includes Biodiesel, Biomass and pulp/paper industries. Exposure assessments including asbestos, lead, hazardous dust, mold and microbial assessments, organic chemicals and noise. General Environmental sampling. ISO-9000 and ISO-17025 quality systems consulting and internal audits.

Liberty Commodities Corporation

Supplier of refined and crude vegetable oils and related by-products.


Linde produces, sells and distributes atmospheric and process gases including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, as well as other specialty gases. Our gases are offered in various product quantities to meet your requirements. These include packaged cylinders, bulk merchant deliveries, and on-site gas production. Linde’s products, services and technologies are making our world more productive by bringing efficiency and environmental benefits to a wide variety of industries, including chemicals, energy, water, manufacturing and others.

Liquid Recovery Solutions

Liquid Recovery Solutions is a leading provider of used cooking oil recycling services in the southeast region. Our network of oil collectors and grease haulers are dedicated to providing you the best rates and highest quality of service. As a result, we maintain significant quantities of refined used cooking oil and are able to sell in bulk. Quantities available for sale range from 275 gallon totes to 7000 gallons and products can either be collected from our plants or delivered directly to our customers. We can also accommodate month-long sell contracts to regions both foreign and domestic.

LMC International

Working across multiple products and across the full value chain, we provide the industry with market data, analysis and insight to help you make better decisions. Prices, supply, demand, trade, policy and performance benchmarking – we focus on these aspects critical to the commercial success of our clients. Much of this work is forward looking and LMC’s forecasts of markets and prices are relied on by leading players in the industry.

Clients receive confidential, tailor-made research and strategic analysis. These projects can build on LMC’s ongoing reports and datasets.

Loyola University Chicago

The Searle Biodiesel Program at Loyola University Chicago focuses on production, research, and outreach efforts centered on utilizing waste products to create energy. Our products are designed to utilize university and lab waste to make usable products with the long term goal of establishing a Zero Waste Process. Our student-run enterprise is the first and only school operation licensed to sell biodiesel in the United States, and is a certified green business with the Illinois Green Business Association.

Maas Companies, Inc.

Maas Companies, headquartered in Rochester, MN is an international marketing company specializing in the sale of biomass, biodiesel and ethanol plants and equipment. In business since 1920, we pride ourselves on being the leader in client satisfaction. We are experienced in customizing successful marketing plans that will market surplus assets for maximum price recovery. We utilize top industry consultants and engineers from around the world. Maas Companies has sold more biomass, ethanol and biodiesel plants with related equipment than any other company in the U.S. Therefore, we have a unique clientele of buyers from which to draw.

Mason Manufacturing

Mason is a custom fabricator suppling equipment solu�ons specializing in shell and tubeheat exchangers, ASME pressure vessels and tanks. Mason is experienced in all TEMA types andfabricates to B, C and R TEMA Classes. We work with a variety of materials such as: carbon and stainless steel, nickel, duplex, Monel®, Inconel® and Hastelloy®. Experience, Integrity, Dependability and Quality. It’s our promise!


METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments. The Company is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company also holds top-three market positions in several related analytical instruments markets and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development. Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO and our balance, titration, pH, thermal analysis and density solutions can be found at

MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc.

MCC manufactures and distributes high-quality petroleum additives that enhance the performance of fuels and lubricating oils in vehicles, equipment and machinery. Our exceptional products, innovative programs and specialized services reduce the cost of operations and improve profitability for our customers.

In addition to formulating and manufacturing our own high-quality additives, we also offer a comprehensive portfolio of product offerings from top brands, including BASF, Chevron Oronite, Evonik and SI Group.

With 27+ years in the industry, an in-house technical department, and sales offices located strategically throughout North America, we are ready to partner with you on comprehensive solutions and services.

Minnesota Biodiesel Council

The Minnesota Biodiesel Council is made up of biodiesel stakeholders, producers, feedstock suppliers and others. Its mission is to promote the use and understanding of biodiesel, educate consumers and biodiesel industry partners, and to advance the use and acceptance of biodiesel as an alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel.

Modular Energy Solutions

Providing solutions to technical problems with emerging technologies, such as automated manufacturing and reliability improvement. Past projects include researching viral air sterilization device verification of efficacy, solder joint failures in early semiconductor surface mount packages, and expired U.S. Patent 4,845,426, with funding by Signatone.

MoistTech Corp.

Insensitive to material variations such as particle size, material height & color, MoistTech moisture sensors provide continuous, reliable readings with zero maintenance and a one-time calibration with a non-drift optical design allowing operational personnel to confidently make immediate process adjustments based on real-time measurements. MoistTech has installations in almost every type of application including harsh applications and environments where other gauges could easily break down.Immediate process line adjustmentsProper dryer control•Reduced waste/wasted product•Low to zero maintenance•Process optimization•Low cost and high accuracy•Improved product quality - 100% monitoring•Reduced energy usage

Monitor Technologies, LLC

Monitor Technologies LLC provides a wide range of solutions for silo level indication, continuous level measurement, inventory management, solids flow monitoring / metering, in-line moisture measurement, dust monitoring and bin aeration for the storage and processing of powders & bulk solids. For over 60 years we have strived to offer high quality products, extensive application support and trusted customer service.

Montana-Boston Partners, LLC

Assisting Businesses with Mergers, Acquisitions and Turnarounds

MTH Pumps

MTH Pumps is a made in the USA manufacturer since 1965, that specializes in high pressure, low flow regenerative turbine pumps. They can produce as little as 5 PSI up to 1,000 PSI and anywhere from a ½ gallon to 150 gallons per minute. They are available in rugged cast construction iron, bronze, and stainless steel materials with a variety of sealing options. We have both horizontal and vertical models with a number of drive options including AC and DC volt motors or pedestal mountings. Every pump is 100% tested before it leaves our facility. MTH is an ISO certified company in a state-of-the-art, quality driven factory in Plano, Illinois. Please see our products we offer at or call us 630-552-4115.

Munson Machinery Co., Inc.

Munson Machinery Co., Inc., located in Utica, NY, is a recognized, high-quality manufacturer of batch and continuous mixing, blending, equipment, as well as size reduction, milling, shredding, pulverizing, and liquids/solids separation equipment. In continuous operation since 1823, Munson’s applications engineering experience and diverse product line can solve most heavy industrial mixing and blending and size reduction needs.

Nalco Water an Ecolab Company

We partner with you to reduce water use, optimize product quality and help you extract maximum value from every step of the Biodiesel production process. We offer the industry’s widest range of water-management & technology solutions from pretreatment and cooling water to process applications and waste water.

Natwick Appraisals

Our firm completes appraisals of biodiesel and ethanol plants.

Nayes Associates, LLC

Environmental permitting, process industries


Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with customers, partners, and the global community we improve industrial performance while preserving the planet's resources and helping to build better lives.Novozymes offers both pretreatment and transesterification solutions to enable feedstock flexibility and improve plant efficiencies.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a leading boutique investment bank focused on the renewable fuels, energy, food, AgTech and agribusiness sectors. The Ocean Park team has significant operational and transaction experience, including advising on mergers and acquisitions, financings and restructurings. Since its founding in 2004, Ocean Park has successfully completed over 80 transactions and client engagements. Its professionals are based in Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis and Omaha.

Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Adsorbents for the purification of biodiesel and renewable diesel feedstocks as well as polishing of FAME

OU Kosher Certification Agency

OU Kosher is the world's largest and most recognized Kosher symbol. Choosing the OU kosher certification is the first step in obtaining the world’s most trusted and recognized kosher symbol. OU kosher certifies over 1,000,000 products in over 13,000 facilities in 104 countries. Having the OU kosher symbol on your products will universally enhance its marketability and help increase revenues.

Please visit to obtain OU Kosher certification today.

Outotec Energy Products

Outotec Energy Products is a world leader in development and implementation of fluidized bed gasification and combustion of biomass and waste fuels for the production of green power while reducing greenhouse gases.

Oxidizers, Inc.

Our collective group has well over 250+ years of real world engineering, startup and technical experience in the oxidation and mechanical services market. We focus on bringing that knowledge and insight to each and every customer. The Oxidizers Inc. team has successfully executed new and used oxidizer startups, oxidizer rebuilds, oxidizer relocations, oxidizer upgrades, and much much more. Whether you need maintenance, upgrades, system relocation or an entirely new system, our technical service team provides prompt and cost effective solutions you can count on.

Pacific Biodiesel

Founded in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is the nation’s longest operating biodiesel producer. The Maui-based company remains an innovative leader in the renewable energy industry. Its refinery on Hawaii Island utilizes advanced distillation technology to annually produce 5.5 million gallons of biodiesel, sold entirely in Hawaii, that supports the state’s mandate for 100% renewable electricity production by 2045. 

Pall Corporation

Pall Corporation is a global leader in high-tech filtration, separation and purification, providing solutions to meet critical fluid management needs of a broad spectrum of life sciences and industrial customers. Within our fluid technologies business, we develop and provide cutting-edge solutions to maximize energy production and develop commercially successful next-generation fuels

Paratherm-Heat Transfer Fluids

Paratherm – Heat Transfer Fluids is a Division of The Lubrizol Corporation. In business for over 30 years, Paratherm provides superior engineered fluids, expert support and service and is proud to provide 24/7 emergency response.

Pellet Mill Magazine

Pellet Mill Magazine delivers discerning, data-driven content—features, technical contributions and expert commentary—to professionals in the densified biomass fuel industry. As a bimonthly supplement to Biomass Magazine, Pellet Mill Magazine covers a broad range of issues affecting producers and distributers of pellets, from production technology, plant management and international sales to pellet standards, policy and environmental regulation. Pellet Mill Magazine’s readership includes executive management of existing and future pellet mills, equipment suppliers, appliance manufacturers, pellet distributors and supply chain companies globally.

Permanente Corporation

Developers of patented and proprietary technology for high volume and low cost processing of cellulosic biomass into GRC88™ family of green renewable and sustainable biofuels, biocarbon, bio-oils, renewable diesel and marine fuels. GRC88™ is energy dense and free of toxics, free of sulfur, has no heavy metals, burns clean, has no carbon footprint and costs less than all other biofuels today. As marine fuels, GRC88™ will stand as as drop-in liquid fuel for large Sulzer type low speed two cycle main marine propulsion systems. GRC88™ family of fuels includes solid bio-carbon with the same energy density of high grade coals but is 100% green and has zero carbon footprint.

Pick Heaters, Inc.

Pick Direct Steam Injection Liquid Heaters are a proven solution for many applications in the Biodiesel Industry including jacketed heating, tank fill, waste water treatment, caustic heating, CIP, and washdown/hose station water heating. Pick Heaters exceptional temperature control (within 1°C) can play a critical role in improving plant performance.

Pittsburg Tank & Tower Maintenance Co.

We provide inspection and maintenance as well as new installations of ground and elevated tanks

PlanET Biogas USA, Inc.

PlanET (pronounced “plan-e-t”) has been installing AD plants in North America since 2006. The name PlanET stands for “Planning and Application of Energy Technology." PlanET specializes in the design, construction, and service of advanced biogas plants. PlanET Biogas USA Inc. is an affiliate of PlanET Biogas Group, ranking among the leading biogas plant builders, and has designed, constructed and services over 500 anaerobic digestion systems worldwide. We live our slogan ‘Design, Construction & Service’ regarding ourselves as long-term partners with our customers. We guarantee long-term business success though clearly defined products and optimized business processes.

PQ Corporation

PQ Corporation is the Global supplier of SORBSIL® Silica Hydrogels. These are high purity adsorbents that are widely accepted by the global refining industry for use in a range of applications including biodiesel production. These synthetic, amorphous silica powders are highly effective in the removal of contaminates from oil and fat feedstock derived from vegetable, animal, and marine sources. Their high adsorption capacity and affinity for phospholipids, trace metals and soaps provides for quality improvements and cost savings in biodiesel production and other refining industries. In addition, they can assist in removal of unreacted methanol, monoglycerides, diglycerides and sodium soaps from biodiesel.

PriMedia, Inc.

PriMedia is a full-service marketing and communications agency, with a client base that spans industries and much of the country. We work with small businesses and Fortune 100 companies, professional business advisers and contractors, national trade organizations and local charities. Our client base includes heating fuel delivery and service businesses and associations in the Northeast as well as advanced biofuel producers and distributors in the Midwest. We provide them a wide range of digital and print marketing solutions, including: newsletter and magazine publishing, infographics, email marketing, advertising, public relations, branding, web development, social media, SEO and much more.

Proco Products, Inc.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Rubber Expansion Joints, PTFE Lined Expansion Joints, Metal Hose & Braid, Piping Penetration Seals and Rubber Check Valves. $3M in inventory helps our distributors get products to the Biodiesel Facilities in North America. Proco Products, Inc. offers expansion joint survey's as a free service to help educate facility owners with proper product specifications for application, the "Do's & Don'ts of installation, recommendations for replacements and overall reliability for each plant as it pertains to expansion joints. Proco Products, Inc. is a member of the Fluid Sealing Association which helps write standards for expansion joint design. Please visit for more information.

Pruszko Consulting

Pruszko Consulting has provided biodiesel plant designs, alternative feedstock pretreatment, feasibility studies, financial modeling, businesses start-up expertise and consulting advice to new biodiesel interested parties using his knowledge in biodiesel business and production area. He has worked with existing biodiesel producers, solving plant design problems, applying new technology to existing plants, training their staff, and advising boards and management on strategic direction in the biodiesel industry. His career history demonstrates expertise in trouble shooting existing plants and new start-ups. He has won national awards for his work in the biodiesel area and has solved production problems in plants worldwide.

R W Heiden Associates LLC

Laboratory and consulting services providing investigative and process skills to the biodiesel industry.

Reiter Scientific Consulting, LLC

Reiter Scientific Consulting works with companies of all sizes in the Used Cooking Oil, Grease Trap, and Biodiesel Production industries to develop custom solutions and provide expert technical and strategic industry advice.

Past Reiter Consulting products include: UCO Rendering Process and Facility Design, Trap Brown Grease Process and Rendering Facility Design, Waste-Water Treatment Process Design, Biodiesel Production Process Development and Optimization, C-Suite Consulting.

Give our team a call and put our experience to work for your organization.

Reiter Software, LLC

Established in 2016 and in use Coast to Coast by some expanding collectors, the Reiter Software "Cooking Oil and Grease Trap Service Software" has the diverse feature set and flexibility demanded by the UCO and Grease Trap service industries.

Give us a call. Our team looks forward to showing you how our even evolving software ecosystem can be a critical asset in allowing for both improvements in existing grease pumping operations and in enabling further company expansion.

Proprietary features include: Restaurant Service Interval Prediction, Route Planning, Route Optimization, Employee Accountability, Charge/Credit Tracking, GPS Turn-by-turn, Record keeping and Compliance, Sales CRM, UCO Collection, Grease Trap Pumping

Reiter Trading, LLC

If you are looking to buy or sell high quality LCFS and RFS2 compliant feedstock, look no further.

Reiter Trading specializes in buying USED COOKING OIL, YELLOW GREASE, and a variety of other oleo-chemical and biofuel related feedstocks.

Our time tested methods insure product security, traceability, and prompt financial settlement.

Give us a call. We specialize in creating efficient transactions where all parties benefit.

Render Magazine

Since 1972, Render has been the only magazine focused on the global rendering industry that services meat processors, grocery stores, livestock producers, and restaurants, and in turn provides wholesome animal proteins and fats for feed, renewable fuels, and various industrial products.

Renewable Energy Institute

Renewable Energy Institute is a non-profit company founded in 2007 that supports and advances renewable energy and renewable energy technologies.

Research Laboratories, Inc.

Research Laboratories is a diesel fuel testing laboratory with capabilities of administering ASTM testing for diesel fuel and biodiesel blends up to B20. Refer to our website for a list of tests available or contact us today.


For more than a decade, RINAlliance has helped the fuels industry easily and efficiently takeadvantage of RIN economics under the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard. From fuels programregistration to quarterly and annual reports, we accurately complete what is required so youcan rest assured that you are in compliance with federal laws. Additionally, our web-basedRIN management platform interfaces directly with EPA's system and helps you cut downon the time it takes to report RIN transactions. Our aggregated RIN marketing services ensure small volume blenders get market-based prices for when selling RINs.

RTP Environmental Associates, Inc.

RTP has been providing services to the biofuels industry for over 20 years. We have supported billions of gallons of production through our work on environmental permitting and compliance for clients across the US. Our extensive knowledge of both the industry and environmental regulations provides our clients with cost effective options to meet their goals.

RTP was founded in 1978; the firm was organized to assist industrial and governmental clients, identify and control environmentally hazardous substances, and to prepare and submit environmental permits and impact statements. Since that time, RTP has seven regional centers in New York, New Jersey, Colorado, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

Saola Energy LLC

Saola Energy is a Technology and Service company serving the biofuels industries. We partner with clients to increase capacity, increase efficiency and add value to product streams, in addition to offering full plant design packages. Our unique approach to project execution delivers customized project management and process engineering solutions to meet your timeline and budget. Whether you are looking for a complete design package or simply need help troubleshooting your existing process, our team is here for you. We undertake many types of projects including plant expansions, process upgrades, debottlenecking, and much more. Visit our website for additional information and to read about our patented Renewable Diesel process.

Savage Associates, Inc.

Provide liquid storage, blending, and transfer systems for BioDiesel andBioheat.

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis, LLP

Schnader is a full-service law firm of 160 attorneys with offices in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Delaware and an affiliation with a law firm in Jakarta. We provide businesses, government entities, and nonprofit organizations throughout the world with innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to their business and litigation needs. We also provide wealth management and an array of personal legal services to individuals.

Seaboard Energy

Seaboard Energy, formerly known as High Plains Bioenergy (HPB), operates two biodiesel plants with a combined annual capacity of over 75M gallons. In early 2019, Seaboard Energy purchased a shuttered cellulosic ethanol plant in Hugoton, KS as infrastructure for a renewable diesel plant and for other renewable fuel production. The plant is currently under development and renewable diesel production is expected to begin by Q1 2022. After the Hugoton plant comes online, Seaboard Energy will have a total renewable fuel production capacity of 160M gallons annually.

SearchPath of Chicago, Inc.

SearchPath of Chicago specializes in connecting our clients and partners with top-performing talent who can make an immediate impact on your bottom line. From local businesses to global firms, our executive search & recruitment teams specialize in finding the most experienced candidates to ensure your business gets the right hire the first time. Our extensive network and expertise allow us to locate identify, attract, and deliver professionals with the skills necessary to achieve your business goals.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments

Shimadzu offers a wide range of analytical instruments, including HPLC, GC, FTIR, and UV-Vis, for applications in the renewable fuels industry. Use Shimadzu instruments to monitor the fermentation process in bioethanol production, ensure biodiesel quality control, analyze denaturant in ethanol, and monitor biodiesel production.

Solutions 4 Manufacturing

Plants and Systems available, as well as individual pieces of used equipment. Biodiesel, BioFuels, Ethanol, Hydrogen, Biomass, and Edible oil plants and systems. Columns, centrifuges, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers, conveyors, tanks, electrical. Call or email us for a free pdf catalog of all equipment offered.

Solvent Systems International

SSI can find new buyers and suppliers of fats, oils, and proteins to grow your business. We provide transportation (trucks, rail, etc.) and guarantee of service and quality as contracted. AAFCO Compliant on all feed ingredients. Fats, oils, and proteins we handle include: Corn Oil, Brown Grease, Soybean and Canola Oil, Used Cooking Oil, Choice White Grease, Off-Grade Fats and Oils, Edible Lard and Tallow, Glycerin, Yellow Grease (AV fats), Blood Meal, Bacon Fat Meat and Bone Meal, Chicken Fat, Feather Meal, and Poultry Fat. We buy Free Fatty Acids, Crude Glycerin and Deo-Distillates.

Sonics & Materials, Inc.

Sonics manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic liquid processing systems.

SOS, Inc.

Over 30 years of emergency and maintenance industrial services. We address all processes under full flow conditions, 24/7. Our Engineers and Machinists equip our trained and certified Technicians with the designs and materials needed to stop leaks, mitigate corrosion, line vessels, and rehabilitate concrete degradation. We utilize custom clamps, proprietary blends of carbon fiber reinforced polymers, and over 30 years of experience to prevent plant shutdowns, reduce safety hazards, and decrease environmental impacts.

Spartan Response, Inc.

Spartan Response is an industrial services company that supports chemical plant maintenance cleaning , confined space rescue, safety systems, and related technical consulting support. 7/24 emergency service support is also provided as part of the spill and hazmat service line. Mobile and in office quantitative and qualitative fit testing services are also available. Toll free 7/24 call line is 1-833-573-1010

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

SPECTRO, a Division of AMETEK, is a global leader in Elemental Analysis spectrometers. SPECTRO offers a complete line of ICP-OES, ED-XRF, OES and handheld XRF analyzers. Our ICP and XRF spectrometers are used for Biodiesel analysis at all stages of production. SPECTRO's ICP spectrometers offer unique technical advantages by having reduced argon consumption that saves on consumable costs, no external water chillers required - systems are completely air cooled, and a new plasma viewing technique called Dual Side-On Iterface (DSOI) offering twice the sensitivity of conventional SOP systems. Visit our resource library at for all of out white papers, application notes and on demand webinars.

Springboard Biodiesel, LLC

Springboard Biodiesel manufactures small-scale, automated biodiesel processing equipment that enables operators to repeatably make highest grade fuel at the lowest possible production cost.

Stainless Fabrication, Inc.

TANK FABRICATOR: Stainless Fabrication is a manufacturer of stainless steel pressure vessels, mixers, reators, storage tanks and processing equipment, built in our shop or on-site. Tanks are fabricated to meet customer specs using 300 seres S/S and high alloys with capacities from one gallon to 750,000 gallon. Single wall or jackets. Dimpled, half pipe, and full pipe coil. Variety of agitation options. ASME, API & UL. We also offer inspection, modification, and repair services. Since 1985.

Stanion Wholesale Electric Co., Inc.

PlantPAx DCS from Rockwell Automation and related products and services.

Sterling Deaerator Company

Sterling Deaerator Company has been a leading worldwide supplier of spray, tray, package, and vacuum deaerators for over thirty years. Sterling also offers continuous blowdown equipment, steam accumulators, blowdown heat recovery systems, surge tanks, and HTF expansion vessels. Sterling has the ability to handle even the largest projects efficiently from start to finish, including Engineering, Drafting, Design, Fabrication, and Quality Assurance. Sterling has a design staff with over a century of experience to offer customers the most economical solution for each application. Through the aid of custom-designed software, we can respond quickly to customer inquiries and match the customer’s needs with Sterling’s proven technology

Sunho Biodiesel Corporation

Sunho Biodiesel Corporation (SBC) provides turnkey packages for biodiesel production based on the ET Process®. With more than 30 years of experience, SBC is working in the field of process development and engineering design based on the application of enzyme as a biocatalyst.

Sustainability Engineering & Compliance

Licensed Professional Engineering, Regulatory Permitting & Compliance, PE Signed & Sealed Certifications, Feasibility Assessment, Due Diligence, Independent Third Party Verification, Engineering Design, EPA Renewable Fuel Standard RFS2 Engineering Review Reports, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Assertion Verification, Statistical Design of Experiments, Data Analyst, Statistician, Technical Writing, Professional Opinion, Nuclear Health Safety, and Chemical, Raw Material, Feedstock, Biomass, Biofuel & Pollution Prevention Compliance Consulting.

Sustainable Energy Strategies, Inc.

SESI assists business with their fundraising and development needs. We have been key industry consultants for more than 20 years.

SVF Flow Controls

Your source for automated valve solutions, custom designed valves for any kind of application, and unparalleled service!

Swenson Technology, Inc.

SWENSON is the global leader in the design and supply of chemical process equipment for value-based separations. We specialize in innovative process systems for the production of valuable products by evaporation and crystallization.

T-Haul Tank Lines

We are a biodiesel tanker transportation company. Our areas of operation are the Midwest & Southwest.

Tara Industries, LLC

Tara Industries converts a variety of plant and animal derived products into clean bio-fuels and glycerin.


Targray Biofuels is an international leader in the sourcing, transporting, storage, trading and supply of bio-based fuels and feedstock. Supported by an extensive network of managed rail cars and fuel terminals, our company is focused on creating wholesale biodiesel supply solutions that intelligently address the growing global demand for low-carbon fuels.

Our value-driven biofuels procurement programs help fuel retailers, diesel distributors, commodity traders and refineries throughout North America and Europe become more profitable while creating a more sustainable economy for future generations.

TEGA Consultants, Inc.

TEGA Consultants, Inc.provides process engineering solutions to the biodiesel production industry.TEGA Consultants, Inc. partners with Clients to provide process engineering services in plant design, start-up support, troubleshooting, third party engineering reviews and revamp services that increase biodiesel plant capacity.TEGA Consultants, Inc. has the engineering capability to design chemical and enzymatic biodiesel plants by providing expertise in:Feasibility studies, basic & detailed engineering; Mass & Energy balance preparation; Flowsheet development: PFD and P&ID; Hydraulic calculations; Equipment sizing and instrument specifications; Relief system design; Process control; Operating procedures; Commissioning and start up

The BioCube Coporation, Ltd.

The BioCube™ is a self-contained, transportable, mini biodiesel refinery that converts a variety of oils into biodiesel. Housed within a modified 20ft shipping container and weighing just 3.5 tonnes, the BioCube™. It combines oil, alcohol and a catalyst through a process known as trans-esterification, and converts them into high quality biodiesel via a continuous flow process that takes place entirely within the BioCube™. Inputs for the BioCube™ include a variety of waste and renewable feedstock oils such as used cooking oil, coconut, canola, soya and rapeseed oils, among many others. Capable of producing 250 to 500 litres of biodiesel per hour. 

The Jacobsen

Since 1865 we’ve delivered pricing transparency to opaque agriculture and energy markets in the form of trusted price reporting, commentary, and price forecasting.

The ProExporter Network

The ProExporter Network® integrates the geography of American biomass supply with the locus of world food and feed demand, as affected by ever-changing world economic growth, exchange rates, energy prices, and policies. PRX delivers its content across numerous mediums with the goal of educating clients on the big picture agriculture issues all the way down to the detailed county level supply demand picture.

Thermal Kinetics, a division of RCM Technologies

Design and Supply of High Quality Engineered Process SolutionsWe enable our clients’ competitive advantage by minimizing energyinput, maximizing product output & optimizing project value.

Thermal Process Development

Biodiesel distillation is rapidly becoming more popular as new applications of producing biodiesel are being discovered. The high temperatures needed to distill biodiesel can be difficult to obtain, but a thermal fluid heater can safely and reliably provide these temperatures during the process. Thermal Process Development uses a dual helical coil design to maximize efficiency in heat transfer and designs heaters with very low pressure drops to provide you with an efficient and safe option for your biodiesel processing.

Thumb BioEnergy, LLC

Thumb BioEnergy, LLC purchases Used Cooking Oil from restaurants, delis, and supermarkets in the lower peninsula of Michigan. Thumb BioEnergy is a BQ-9000 producer, registered with the EPA under the RFS2 program, and registered with the California Air Resources Board under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Thumb BioEnergy converts the UCO into Grade 1 ASTM D6751 biodiesel and ships their biodiesel by truck and rail.

Tina Biofuels, LLC

A Missouri based biodiesel producer focused on providing fuel solutions to companies seeking cleaner, renewable and sustainable energy.

TKS Industrial Company

TKS Industrial Company is a design/build engineering firm located in Detroit, Michigan. TKS also sells industrial air pollution control equipment such as thermal oxidizers, RTOs, scrubbers, and filter houses that are used for VOC emission capture from biodiesel production processes. TKS Industrial is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taikisha, Ltd., a publicly traded company in Japan.

TMC Fluid Systems

TMC Fluid Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of Air and Gas Blowers. We specialize in Turnkey Solutions consisting of Vacuum Boosters, Packaged Turbo Blowers, Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps, and Airknife Drying Systems.

TN Soybean Promotion Council

We promote soybeans via biodiesel promotion.

Todd & Sargent, Inc.

Todd & Sargent, Inc. specializes in the design, engineering and construction of grain processing facilities, renewable fuel facilities, grain storage, feed mills, flour mills, and pet food manufacturing plants, . We offer "single source responsibility" from concept through completion. With experience on dozens of biofuel projects, we offer an experienced, professional organization of designers, engineers and field staff. Todd & Sargent, Inc. has been in business building partnerships since 1933 with headquarters located in Ames, Iowa. Serving the US and Canada.


Tolsa is a Spanish Multinational Company created in 1957. With activities in more than 11 countries and more than 800 workers all around the world, Tolsa distributes its products in more than 90 different countries in all the continents. TOLSA has developed over the years a full range of bleaching earths under the brand MINCLEAR®, which include Natural Bleaching Earths (NABE), Surface Modified Bleaching Earths (SMBE), and High Activated Grades (HPBE). At TOLSA , we are experts in bleaching earths based in highly adsorptive clays (bentonite, sepiolite and attapulgite) formed by small particles with highly porous inner structure, very active in terms of interaction with other organic compounds.

Tower Performance of Texas, Inc.

Tower Performance of Texas, Inc. (TPITXTX) is a full-service cooling tower company. TPITX provides cooling tower inspections and evaluations, repairs and overhauls, scheduled maintenance, thermal testing and upgrades. TPITX can design and build new cooling towers and add cells. TPITX also provides cooling tower components for all makes and models of cooling towers, including, but not limited to: drive shafts, fans, gearboxes, motors, nozzles, fill, drift eliminators, fan stacks, casing and other components. Contacting Tower Performance is the one call you need to make for all your cooling tower needs.

Tower Performance, Inc.

Tower Performance, LLC is a full-service cooling tower company. Tower Performance provides cooling tower inspections and evaluations, repairs and overhauls, scheduled maintenance, thermal testing and upgrades. Tower Performance can design and build new cooling towers and add cells. Tower Performance also provides cooling tower components for all makes and models of cooling towers, including, but not limited to: drive shafts, fans, gearboxes, motors, nozzles, fill, drift eliminators, fan stacks, casing and other components. Contacting Tower Performance is the one call you need to make for all your cooling tower needs.

TRC Environmental Corporation

The world is advancing. We’re advancing ahead of it. TRC is a global consulting firm providing environmentally conscious solutions powered by the latest technology. From pipelines to power plants, city streets to schoolyards, clients turn to TRC for breakthrough thinking backed by the steadfast follow-through of a 50-year industry leader. Today we offer groundbreaking yet grounded business consulting and applied technology that help our clients design, power, connect and fuel the world forward.

About Our Team:We are more than 5,200 technical professionals and support personnel serving 140 offices throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, and China. Our teams are made up of some of the most requested and sought-after experts in the business.

Trident Automation, Inc.

Trident Automation translates technology into productivity. We offer customized process control solutions for the process industries that keep plants online and efficient. Our engineers are experienced in integrating control platforms and do only one thing: process technology. Our team has upgraded DCS technology at more than 50 process plants and provided support and engineering for more than 150 businesses since we were founded in 2002.

Trihydro Corporation

Trihydro is a national consulting firm that tackles complex engineering and environmental challenges for the private and public sectors. Trihydro’s technical experience, regulatory expertise, and successful project delivery have earned the company a reputation as one of the top engineering and environmental firms in the country. Trihydro maintains a staff of more than 500 personnel, 23 offices, and staff resources in 27 states.

Tristar FLC, Inc.

Rail Terminal with large rail capacity in Southern California to transfer from rail to truck of Renewable Diesel and Bio-Diesel. Excellent inventory management system. Call or email to discuss opportunities.

Turner EnviroLogic

We are a 39 year old provider of custom solutions for air pollution control issues. We design and manufacture air pollution control components, as well as full systems. Our systems range is size from 10 cfm to over 1 million cfm, with temperatures to 2500 F. We build thermal oxidizers of all types, as well as scrubbers, cyclones, dampers, expansion joints , and exhaust stacks. We have supplied stacks from every material imaginable to heights up to 300 feet and diameters to 34 feet. We are ISO 9001 certified, fabricate with certified welders, and build our own controls in our UL panel shop. We perform our own PLC programming, and provide field service in house. We are proud to build exclusively in the USA, from American materials and parts.

Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition

The Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition, which is staffed by the American Lung Association, works throughout the state of Minnesota to support the use of biodiesel. As part of the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, we work to build partnerships to advance affordable, domestic transportation fuels and technologies. We are a free resource for fleets and other diesel users, fuel providers, and everyone else working to increase the use of biodiesel. The American Lung Association recognizes biodiesel as a Clean Air Choice® motorists can make to reduce impacts on the environment and human health. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your work.

United Color Manufacturing, Inc.

UNISOL Liquid Dyes are designed to provide an outstandingly easy and economical way to color petroleum products. UNISOL dyes are strong and bright, easy to handle and are also available in several non-hazardous high flash solvent systems. Whether used alone or blended with one another to achieve unique color shades, UNISOL dyes offer powerful coloring capabilities.

United Gulf Marine

We offer bulk and non-bulk supplies of methanol and other alcohols.

US Filtermaxx Pumps & Centrifuges

USFiltermaxx Manufactures Oil and Biodiesel Transfer Pumps and Centrifuges for Oil and Biodiesel Processing and Purification. Full Range of Centrifuges in Various Sizes and G Force.USFILTERMAXX.COM904-334-2838

Vance Bioenergy Sdn. Bhd.

Vance Bioenergy Sdn. Bhd. is a leading ISO 9001 certified producer of fatty acid methyl ester (Vance Biodiesel), pharmaceutical-grade refined glycerine (Vance Refined Glycerine) and other oleochemicals for use in many industries. Its production plants are located in the Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate of Johor, Malaysia. Its close proximity to Johor Port with its significant storage and berthing facilities, to ship products efficiently around the world at competitive prices.

VERBIO North America Corporation

VERBIO, with headquarters in Leipzig, Germany, is a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of biofuels to Germany and Europe. In January 2018, VERBIO AG formed its US subsidiary, VERBIO North America Corporation (VNA), with headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, USA. VNA plans to build, own, operate, and finance biofuel facilities across the United States and Canada. VNA currently operates a 45 million gallon/yr biodiesel plant in Welland, Ontario, Canada; is constructing a renewable natural gas and ethanol biorefinery in Nevada, Iowa, USA; and has ambitions for further growth.

Viking Equipment Finance

Viking Equipment Finance provides new and used biodiesel equipment financing.

Viking Pump, Inc.

Viking Pump provides a variety of positive displacement pumps to the biofuels and bio-based materials markets, including internal and external gear pumps, vane, lobe and circumferential piston pumps. Your local Viking Pump Distributor will provide assistance with sizing and selection, as well as after-sale service. We handle all viscosities, and temperatures up to 750 deg. F, with the right materials of construction. Typical biodiesel applications include pumping crude vegetable oil, yellow grease, methanol, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, methyl esters, petrodiesel and finished biodiesel blends. From unloading raw materials to processing to loadout of finished product, you can rely on Viking Pump.

Viresco Solutions, Inc.

Viresco Solutions Inc. is an environmental consulting firm that helps our clients strategically navigate the complex and evolving world of sustainability. We are leading experts in developing science-based metrics and solutions that enhance our clients’ social license to operate. We focus our work at the intersection of agriculture, waste, bioenergy, greenhouse gases and sustainable supply chains. We are passionate about what we do, and are committed in making transformational change happen by pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

Walsh Bio Fuels LLC

5 million gallons per year

Warren & Baerg Manufacturing, Inc.

Warren & Baerg engineers/manufactures high quality equipment to handle various materials for the Alternative Fuel market. We manufacture Metering/Surge Bins, which provides a consistent, positive, and even flow of material. It provides cost effective metering of shredded or ground biomass as well as other materials for low rates to well over 100 tons per hour. W&B manufactures Densifying/Cubing systems, which compresses materials into high-density cubes for fuel. Other equipment includes Conveyors: Drag Chain, Chain Belt, Slider Bed, Roller Chain, Flat Belt, Trough Belt, and Bottom Drag. We provide magnetic systems for metal removal.

Weaver & Tidwell, LLP

Weaver’s Energy Compliance Services practice is dedicated to helping businesses navigate compliance with evolving regulations. Transportation fuel regulations governed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Environment and Climate Change Canada and various state agencies are substantial areas of focus for our practice. We have extensive expertise with traditional petroleum-based fuel programs as well as renewable fuel programs, which are rooted in the Clean Air Act, the Low Carbon Fuels Standard and other regulations and initiatives. We help companies of all sizes understand the regulatory requirements, maintain compliance, and identify and maximize benefits available under applicable programs.


Headquartered in Morris, Minnesota, with satellite locations throughout the United States, Westmor Industries is a privately-owned company with more than 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 500 employees. Westmor supplies its customers with a diverse group of product offerings used to store, transport and dispense petroleum, propane and other liquids and gases from Pipeline to Pump®. In addition, Westmor provides customers with vast aftermarket support including parts sales, product repair, infrastructure installation and in-field services.

Wilson Biofuels, LLC

Manufacturing of premium grade biodiesel (FAME & SME). Wilson Biofuels is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cetyl Energy Inc.


WORKMASTER® is a manufacturer of labor savings bulk material handling tools to help safely and efficiently unload, transport, store and process bulk solids from hopper bottom railcars, bulk trailers, bins, silos and chutes. We also supply a complete line of operating, mounting, and maintenance products and accessories, such as Timers and Motor Controls, Vibrator Mounts, and Lubricating Oils to help keep your unloading site tools running longer and more efficiently. WORKMASTER products help Customers work more safely and efficiently, increase the lifespan of production-critical equipment, and decrease operating and maintenance costs of tools and equipment used in some of Industry's most dangerous, difficult and dirty jobs.

WWS Trading

WWS Trading is a physical commodity trading firm specializing in fats, oils, and greases for the feed and biofuel industries. We supply BG, CWG, YG, CWG, PF, tallow, UCO, DCO, FFA and off-spec oils, and offer credit, logistics, insurance, and market advising.

Wyoming Analytical Labs

Providing chemical and physical testing services since 1977

Xylome Corporation

XYLOME is a molecular and synthetic biology company specializing in high value oils synthesized in yeast.We are seeking interested in talking to potential strategic partners, who want to invest in fish-oil-biosimilars and cellulosic palm-oil-biosimilars for food, pharma, personal care and biodiesel.

XYLOME'S platform hyperlipogenic yeast are combined with biorefining and Circularity-by-Design™ concept to produce yeast-oils using inexpensive stillages of all types.

Contact us for an initiall discussion about what XYLOME can do for you.

Yamada America, Inc.

Yamada Corporation is a family run business founded in 1905. With branches strategically located throughout the globe, we have stocking distribution coverage worldwide. Specializing in liquid transfer, Yamada America has options for flow rates as low as 1 gallon per minute to 200+ gallons per minute. With pumps made from Aluminum to Stainless Steel to Polypropylene to solid PTFE, there is no liquid we can't pump. If you have compressed air on site, Yamada has a pumping system for you in the form of an air operated double diaphragm pump. We can also supply all the accessory items required to operate or even automate your pumping system with liquid level controls as well as regulators and pulsation dampeners and more.